Tatum Gray revised

On Friday nights when he was younger, Tatum Gray would go with his parents to Friday Night Sand Beer League, a volleyball tournament. This began his love for the sport.

He started watching volleyball games, especially during the Olympics. When he had enough money, he got to purchase his first volleyball. Gray would practice by himself; hitting the ball against the garage. All his practice and hard work paid off. He got so good that he joined a club. Now he plays competitively.

Tatum Gray is a long way from home. Travelling all the way from Granbury, Texas, Gray decided to go to Morningside College. His athleticism has him playing for the volleyball team. He is planning on studying Advertising.

Gray travelled most of the states in the south but never ventured North. He appreciates the environment as he said, “I enjoy it here” and calls it “very pretty and green”.

Story #3 Draft

(Intro Score) – if time

Good Morning Siouxland, Thank you for tuning into Early Bird Radio. This is your host Makaelyn Glienke and today we have some fun topics to discuss.

We all dreamed about winning the lottery, but for this man in Massachusetts he not only won the lottery, but won it twice.

His name is Rolf Rhodes and he won $1 million dollars out of the “$4 million dollar Instant Jackpot” game out of a gas station in Mendon, Massachusetts.

He previously won $1 million dollars in 2018. Rhodes first winning ticket was in Milford, Massachusetts, which is just a town next to Mendon. He is one lucky person.

I asked student, ….., if they ever attempted the lottery or even won anything to which they said, “……”

I also asked what they would do with the money if they won the lottery for the first time.

(insert statement)

Remember the fun toys you would get with your happy meal at McDonald’s? This year marks the 40th anniversary and McDonald’s is celebrating it by bringing back their classic toys.

This is happening between November 7 through the 11th and who isn’t excited to see their childhood toys again?

We asked …. about the McDonald’s toys and what fun toy they remember getting.

(insert statement)

Buying food online has grown so much that popular stores like Walmart and Hy-Vee are creating ‘dark stores’ to get orders completed without the customers around.

It states on the CNN article, that only 5% of US shoppers buy their groceries online, but the analysts expect that number to rise in the years to come. This gives us who still like to shop at the stores room again.

We asked … if they like to grocery shop online or in store and if they like the idea of ‘dark stores’.

(insert statement)

That’s all we have for now. Tune in later for some more fun stories going on in the world. This is Makaelyn Glienke with Early Bird Radio.

This isn’t part of the script but to show you the sources. Click on the links to view the articles: https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/01/us/man-wins-lottery-second-time-trnd/index.html



News Comment Week #12: Krispy Kreme strikes deal with college kid who drives 250 miles to resell its doughnuts

Gonzalez filling his vehicle full of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Jayson Gonzalez, 21, has been traveling from Clive, Iowa and back to Minnesota to deliver Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Minnesota’s last Krispy Kreme store closed in 2008. Gonzalez came up with the idea, because he coaches a soccer tournament in Iowa, he could pick up the doughnuts and bring them back to the Minnesotans.

It all began with his post on the Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone would want some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. That began his business as he instantly received responses and soon created a Facebook page called Krispy Kreme Run Minnesota.

The page updates the followers on quantities and pickup locations. There are 5,000 followers to the page.

The money Gonzalez makes is used to help pay for his college education. However, Krispy Kreme got into contact with Gonzalez and made him shut down his operations.

Krispy Kreme appreciated Gonzalez’s work for bringing the love of their doughnuts to the customers, so they offered to help Gonzalez’s goal and made sure he will be debt-free when he graduates in 2021.

This is an example of a feature story. They go into detail behind Gonzalez and his reasoning for doing these deliveries. There are specific details to numbers based on the amount of followers, how many boxes he could deliver, and the pricing Gonzalez charged to his consumers. There is a happy tone to it in the end as Krispy Kreme will help support Gonzalez and his education. The story feels personal and enjoyable to read compared to typical news stories.

Click here to read the article: https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/05/us/krispy-kreme-minnesota-trnd/index.html

News Comment #11: Record 176 people stung by stingrays at popular California beach in one day

**Embargo: Los Angeles, CA** A record number of swimmers were stung by stingrays on Saturday in Huntington Beach, authorities said.

People had to be cautious when stepping into the Huntington Beach waters in California as 176 people were stung by stingrays in only one day.

Warm weather means time at the beach for the people, but it also means low tide. And the low tide is where stingrays reside. It is a bad case when people step on the stingrays and get stung.

Lifeguards were caring for people stung by soaking their injuries in warm water. The article goes on describing more about stingrays and educated people are shuffling their feet when in the water to scare them away.

The formatting of the article begins with the amount of people stung by stingrays and goes on explaining why there were so many out at the beach that day. Majority of the quotes used in article begin with the statement before attributing the speaker.

In a broadcast view, the story would of after its comparison report of fewer people at the beach due to the colder weather.

Or to take the story in a different direction, jump right into the education of the of the stingrays and why they a lot of people that day.

Click here for more information: https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/29/us/stingray-stings-huntington-beach-trnd/index.html


Breaking News. Groom is missing after shooting newlywed wife.

Richard Brunson, 50, shot his newlywed bride, Laurette Kenny Brunson, 38, at their wedding reception Saturday.

Sargent Mann from the Sioux City Police force said this. (Insert sound.)

Brunson used a .22 caliber handgun on his wife at their home, located 617 Black Street.

Marilyn Corse a witness said, (insert sound)

Brunson’s whereabouts are still unknown.

As for Mrs. Brunson, she is recovering well at St. Luke’s Hospital. She was shot in her stomach.

And now on to other news.

Science Scavenger Hunt

A species of Ophiocordyceps sprouts from Camponotus novogranadensis, an ant species, in Itacolomi State Park in Brazil. Credit João Araújo

Did you know Zombies do exist? A certain fungus is the cause and insects are the victims.

In this recent New York Times article, scientist have studied a fungus that turns ants into zombies. Not like the zombies on The Walking Dead and Zombieland, where they physically attack humans. The fungus called Ophiocordyceps, uses the host to grow more of itself.

When an ant comes into contact with the fungus, fungal cells begin to slip inside the body. The fungal cells will spread and over power the body. Chemical signals are sent to the brain causing the ant to act strange.

The ant leaves its nest. Either kicked out or torn apart by the other ants who noticed the sickness.

The infected ant finds a stationary location close to the nest to infect others. The fungus starts to grow outside of the body. Giant stalks grow through the head. Spores shower over the area.

Thus beginning the process again. Starting with a new ant coming into contact with the fungus.

If you like this story and want to learn more about it, check out our website.

For more information on the article; click on the link: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/24/science/ant-zombies-fungus.html

News Comment #10: Woman killed after stumbling across robbery while playing Pokemon Go, police say

Cayla Campos, a 21-year-old New Mexico woman, was playing Pokémon Go with her boyfriend when she was fatally shot from witnessing a robbery in progress.

Cayla Campos was killed while playing Pokemon Go with her boyfriend near Bianchetti Park in Albuquerque, N.M., on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019.

Campos and her boyfriend were driving when they witnessed two armed robbers targeting someone in another vehicle.

Campus tried flee the scene but the suspects spotted her and fired shots. Campus got struck by gunfire and crashed the vehicle into a nearby home.

The story was received on abcnews. A video and written article discuss the incident by in different views.

Instantly, the leads are different. The video shows and image of Campos and begins with “This is Cayla Campos” and go on with what happened, identifying the location, and the robbers.

The lead in the article doesn’t state Campos’s name. They cover her age, where she is from, and the scenario that happened.

The length and content differ. The video is shorter and focuses more on the Pokémon game and how players have to be cautious as the article goes more in depth about who Campos was and uses quotes from friends and family.

The sources in the video are from random kids in the neighborhood who are aware of the incident and play Pokémon go. The article includes when regular player of the game and mostly Campos’s friends and family.

The video showed images of Campos. Pictures of the area of the shooting. The house that was damaged from Campos’ impact. Then switches to videos of kids on skateboards and people standing outside in the neighborhood.

To learn more about the story, or see the difference between video and article, click here: https://abcnews.go.com/US/woman-killed-stumbling-robbery-playing-pokemon-police/story?id=66422548

Article #2

The new Chair of the Art Department is just as much an artist, as she is scientist.

Last fall, in 2018, Terri McGaffin, the previous Chair of the Art Department, announced her retirement.

Now, with the fall semester roughly halfway over, let’s see how Prindaville is doing so far in this new journey.

Prindaville traveled from Leavenworth, Kansas. She worked as the Art Program Director at the University of St. Mary for 6 years.

She did an international search and applied for 60 positions that met what she was looking for, to which one of them was Morningside. She was looking for was a strong art program and Morningside had it.

Prindaville was happy to be accepted as the new Chair of the Art Department. She said, “This one, I thought, was the best fit. The people…every step felt like a good fit.”

To which she continued on that the position here kept her career progressing and added extra benefits.

She feels that the program is more academically geared and people seem more serious about it. “The art is healthy here,” she said. The previous school she worked at was geared towards the athletes and not the artists. Prindaville would go on describing the wonderful program and environment Morningside College provides.

Prindaville brings to the campus many talents. She likes to do ecological artwork, she describes as “not so narrow in terms of media but narrow in topic.” She uses a variety of techniques, and typically brings together nature and psychological human traits to her pieces. She does a lot of experimenting as she enjoys science.

Mixed media relief including QuickCure Clay, QuickCure Glaze Coating, acrylic, aragonite crystals, and salt on birch panel, 12×9.25×2”, 2019

She is thankful for Terri McGaffin, even saying that she is amazing. McGaffin, the previous chair of the art department and now the transition coordinator for the department, is helping Prindaville transition by taking some of the many projects that needs to be done.

Not many schools prepare people for their positions and Prindaville is thankful for it.

McGaffin is very confident in Prindaville. She sees potential for more interdisciplinary work to happen. McGaffin points out Prindaville is a multi-disciplinary artist, a scientist and speaks in terms of legal issues. Prindaville is a good example, as students have already been doing this, by not being dedicated to one thing. 

From a student perspective, Freshman, Devyn Reilly, is currently taking two classes, Design and Drawing, taught by Prindaville.

Prindaville’s style of teaching is always on schedule. All the assignments and projects that are described on the syllabus are on time. She rarely makes few adjustments.

In both her classes, Reilly believes that Prindaville is doing a good job at helping her get better at art. All the inputs Reilly has gotten from Prindaville has helped improve her art; from highlights to values.

Watercolor on recycled paper, 12×9″, 2014

Another student who is currently in one of Prindaville’s class is sophomore, Elise O’Regan. Having had McGaffin and, now, Prindaville teach; O’Regan said there is a difference between the two. She states that McGaffin is a lot more “chill” compared to Prindaville, as she is seen as strict. “That can be a good thing for some and a bad thing for others.” O’Regan mentions.

O’Regan says Prindaville is really friendly and because of her, O’Regan has improved in her Drawing class.

For more information or wanna see more of Prindaville’s art, click on the link: http://shelbyprindaville.com/

News Comment #8: New Jersey man arrested for what prosecutors call ‘reconnaissance’ of George Washington Bridge

Traffic moves over the Hudson River and across the George Washington Bridge between New York City and Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Daniel Czerepak, 29, was arrested under the charges of forgery, theft and weapons by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. He was trying to gain access to a restricted entrance of the George Washington Bridge as mentioned on CNN.com

The bridge connects New Jersey to Manhattan Island and Czerepak tried to gain access to the bridge by using a fake ID and posing as a Port Authority subcontractor.

A search was made on Czerepak’s home and five 30-round rifle magazines and one 15-round magazine was found. New Jersey law limits to 10 rounds of ammunition for the magazine capacity.

Czerepak pleaded not guilty to the third-degree weapons offenses and other related charges as found on northjersey.com

Police were called when Czerepak’s fake ID was recognized at the guarded access point on the bridge. This led to the search of his car and home and the founded ammunition.

The story’s lead was good as it gave a enough information as what is going on and made me curious enough to read more. The organization of the story starts with the arrest and the finding of magazine rounds. It moves on to the charges and his plead.

Clearly, CNN tried to find more information about the man and who he is but didn’t get as much, so they filled the next paragraphs with quotes. And then they finish off the story on how what went down that day when Czerepak showed up on that bridge.

I think I would of talked about what went down right away and then included the back story towards the end. Just to get the important information of what Czerepak was doing that day and how it went down to his arrest.

To learn more about the article click on the link:https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/10/us/george-washington-bridge-recon/index.html

In class: Speech story

A Swedish climate activist, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg presents a speech to the United Nations Climate Action Summit in NYC.

The world leaders of today are leaving behind more CO2. The younger generations are gonna have a hand full of work to do due to the lack of changes the leaders are not doing.

The world leaders have set this up for younger generations to fail when its their time to deal with the issue.

The speech focused on the climate issues and the dying result of the ecosystems and people. And the younger generations have to worry about their future at this time of age because the leaders are not doing anything about it.

Stripping students away from education and into real world because being at a 50% risk isn’t acceptable as mentioned by Thunberg.

“We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you.” Thunberg states with much emotion.

Thunberg finishes on the idea of change, “change is coming, whether you like it or not.”