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Ngomboko “Lawrence” Muzinga in his office.

Muzinga asked, “I asked my students what is the closest American name to Laurent?” Laurent is a name in French equivalent to his African name. The students came up with two options, “Larry” or “Lawrence”. The decision was quick as an African American student straight up told him, ‘Hey, Muzinga don’t take Larry, Larry is for old white man.’. There it was, the day Lawrence was officially born.

Technically, the name was born at the University of Illinois. Ngomboko “Lawrence” Muzinga was born and raised in Africa, but that story can wait for another day. Lawrence is who we want to know.

You see, Lawrence is a of man finesse. He has a swagger to him that’s filled with confidence. Now, add to that with his expensive taste and there we have it.

He is a man of business with the agenda to educate the young adults of today. His presentation of himself is what he wants his students to look up to; to find in themselves the same set of confidence that he has.

Giuseppe Del Rio Broggi, a sophomore in Lawrence’s class, even says his style, “it’s different then the other professors and shows part of his culture.”

If Broggi can recognize the diversity Lawrence brings to the campus, so can the other students.

“Dressing is like a religion to me. I want to show students this is how you should look when you are in the real world. Dress up for success.” said Lawrence. He then goes on listing off famous clothing like Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, you name it and he probably has it.

“Only he can pull it off.” said Jodie Nieman, the Business Department’s Housekeeper.

But don’t let the looks fool you. He may be a man of class when he’s on campus but he is really nice guy trying to make the future look bright for his students. Sure Lawrence was born in America, but his African culture and respect shine through his expensive taste.

If you haven’t met the wonderful Lawrence, stop by and say hi in his office at the Business Department. He is enjoys meeting new.

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