In class activity: Mall explosion

An explosion at Mega City Mall has left 100 injured and 2 dead. People were in shock as an explosion took place near the food court at 9:53 am.

As of right now, this is considered an accident until further notice said Captain Fuglsang. The officers are currently looking over the close circuit cameras in vicinity of the explosion for any clues.

All the injured people have been sent to the various hospitals in the city. The two fatalities are still in the works of being recognized. Captain Fuglsang and the rest of the police department are working closely with the mall for thorough and timely investigation.

A variety of people were at the mall during the time. A college student was getting her coffee at the food court when she heard the explosion. She had a slight hearing loss at the moment due to the incident and is slowly recovering. She said, “It was really loud and everyone was screaming.”

The workers at the mall were just as traumatized as an employee from Victor’s Secret, located near the food court, ran for cover and ducked under the dresser. A Santa’s elf worker was at Santa’s workshop when the explosion happened. She followed everyone else that was running away to safety.

Another press conference will be held this afternoon with more updates of the situation.

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