News Comment #16: LAPD officer allegedly caught fondling corpse

An investigation is underway of a Los Angeles Police Department officer because his body camera allegedly caught him fondling a dead woman’s body.

The officer and his partner responded to the call of a possible dead body. The officers determined the woman was dead. As one officer went to the patrol car, the accused officer turned off his body-worn camera. Allegedly this is when the accused officer fondled the deceased woman’s breasts.

Even as the camera got turned off before the incident, it was captured by the two-minute buffer on the device.

The case has not been referred to the district attorney’s office yet, as the investigation continues.

The article is set up with describing the situation very brief and focuses more of the article on the investigation and people’s response to the accused officer. It ends the article with a statement of apology to the family of the dead woman.

Many sources and statements were used to express how people feel about the incident. Fondling of dead corpses is not allowed and disgusted upon. It is interesting that they kept the accused officers name of this article. Either way people will know who done it. Overall, interesting topic.

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1 thought on “News Comment #16: LAPD officer allegedly caught fondling corpse

  1. Man, those two-minute buffers are a pain!

    The name may have been left out becase he hasn’t been found “guilty” of anything yet. It’s not a crime to fondle a dead person, but it’s not something the LAPD approves of either. If he’s fired, then the name may appear.

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