In class activity: Mall explosion

An explosion at Mega City Mall has left 100 injured and 2 dead. People were in shock as an explosion took place near the food court at 9:53 am.

As of right now, this is considered an accident until further notice said Captain Fuglsang. The officers are currently looking over the close circuit cameras in vicinity of the explosion for any clues.

All the injured people have been sent to the various hospitals in the city. The two fatalities are still in the works of being recognized. Captain Fuglsang and the rest of the police department are working closely with the mall for thorough and timely investigation.

A variety of people were at the mall during the time. A college student was getting her coffee at the food court when she heard the explosion. She had a slight hearing loss at the moment due to the incident and is slowly recovering. She said, “It was really loud and everyone was screaming.”

The workers at the mall were just as traumatized as an employee from Victor’s Secret, located near the food court, ran for cover and ducked under the dresser. A Santa’s elf worker was at Santa’s workshop when the explosion happened. She followed everyone else that was running away to safety.

Another press conference will be held this afternoon with more updates of the situation.

In class: Description practice

It was late last night. Darkness enveloped us as we left the building. We just got done decorating for our upcoming holiday event. The cool air hit us as we passed through the doorway. Shoving open the heavy doors. She had on her purple coat and camo hat; long brown hair that fell from beneath.

We stood outside for a bit. Looking at each other, I asked if she wanted to have the file to edit for tomorrow. She said sure, but probably wont touch it till class as she has to get up early for practice. Agreeing to her response, I told her, “good job” for the work she did in helping decorating and off we went. She got into her Pontiac and drove off as I walked home.

In class: Speech story

A Swedish climate activist, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg presents a speech to the United Nations Climate Action Summit in NYC.

The world leaders of today are leaving behind more CO2. The younger generations are gonna have a hand full of work to do due to the lack of changes the leaders are not doing.

The world leaders have set this up for younger generations to fail when its their time to deal with the issue.

The speech focused on the climate issues and the dying result of the ecosystems and people. And the younger generations have to worry about their future at this time of age because the leaders are not doing anything about it.

Stripping students away from education and into real world because being at a 50% risk isn’t acceptable as mentioned by Thunberg.

“We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you.” Thunberg states with much emotion.

Thunberg finishes on the idea of change, “change is coming, whether you like it or not.”

Rough Draft for Article #2

Shelby Prindaville, the new Chair of the Art Department, is adjusting well at Morningside College.

Last fall, in 2018, Terri McGaffin, the previous Chair of the Art Department, announced her retirement.

The search for the new Chair began, spring 2019.

Out of the many applicants, Shelby Prindaville was the right fit for the position.

Now, with the fall semester roughly halfway over, let’s see how Prindaville is doing so far in this new journey.

Shelby Prindaville traveled from Leavenworth, Kansas. She worked as the Art Program Director of the University of St. Mary for 6 years.

She taught more than work the administration part at that job due just being her and another faculty who worked that department.

The reason for leaving was the change in the administration of the university. “The new administration had a different vision for where the school was going and that vision doesn’t include the liberal arts.” Said Prindaville.

She did an international search and applied for 60 positions that met what she was looking for, to which one of them was Morningside.

Prindaville was happy to be accepted as the new Chair of the Art Department. She said, “This one, I thought, was the best fit. The people…every step felt like a good fit.” To which she continued on that the position her kept her career progressing and added extra benefits.

Compared to the University of St. Mary, Morningside is 3 to 4 times the size. She feels that the program is more academically geared here and people seem more serious about it.

“The art is healthy here.” Prindaville would go on describing the wonderful program and environment Morningside College provides. She was very excited about “Into the Streets” and being able to spend a day giving back to the community.

Prindaville brings to the campus many talents that she does. She likes to do ecological artwork, where she describes  as “not so narrow in terms of media but narrow in topic.” She uses a variety of mediums, but brings together nature and psychological human traits to her pieces. She does a lot of experimenting as she enjoys science.

This semester has been going well for her and doesn’t have nothing to complain about.

She is thankful for Terri McGaffin, even saying that she is amazing. McGaffin, the previous chair of the art department and now the transition coordinator for the department, is helping Prindaville transition by taking some of the many projects that needs to be done.

Not many schools prepare people for their positions and Prindaville is thankful for it.

McGaffin is happy for how well Prindaville has been handling things. McGaffin pointed out that, “She is on top of advising right now.” Prindaville has been an advisor before. She knows these things.

McGaffin is very confident in Prindaville. She sees potential for more interdisciplinary work to happen. McGaffin points out the Prindaville is a multi-disciplinary artist, a scientist and speaks in terms of legal issues. Prindaville is a good example, as students have already been doing this, by not being dedicated to one thing.  

From a student perspective, Freshman, Devyn Reilly, is currently taking two classes, Design and Drawing, taught by Prindaville.

Reilly is getting the most exposure with Prindaville and gets to really know her. The classes are really long and Reilly mentioned that Prindaville really talks a lot, but the continuous conversations help make the classes feel shorter and she is pretty fun.  

Prindaville’s lectures are not her just teaching the students but gaining feedback for her own personal work.

Prindaville’s style of teaching is always on schedule. All the assignments and projects that are described on the syllabus are on time. She rarely makes few adjustments.

In both her classes, Reilly believes that Prindaville is doing a good job at helping her get better at art. All the inputs Reilly has gotten from Prindaville has helped improve her art; from highlights to values.

Another student who is currently in one of Prindaville’s class is Elise O’Regan…. More info to come….

Describing Pirouline

You can smell the chocolate encasing the wafer stick. Just like opening a container of cocoa, you can smell the chocolate instantly.

The outer layer of the wafer is bumpy due to the swirling texture. It has a tan-ish layer with a brown center. Dark and light brown lines of color swirls around the wafer.

The first bite gave way to the thin crust before reaching the soft, chocolaty center. As you continue to chew, the chocolate filling and bits of wafer dissolve in your mouth leaving a chocolate after taste.

The wafer is similar to a non-plastic straw, they will start to deteriorate when wet for so long because of the absorbency of the products.