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Long ago there was a boy from Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. The boy is named Ngomboko. He was a very good student throughout his school years. He got the good grades, he ended up with a decent job, and he got to marry the perfect woman. What more can a man ask for? Well, for Ngomboko, living in Africa just wasn’t enough. Everything changed once he moved to America and it is for the better. He now has a purpose; teaching students to aim for success. His name was Ngomboko, still is actually, but that isn’t what he gets called here in America. Here, people call him Lawrence.   

1 thought on “Profile Anecdote

  1. There’s more than one paragraph here, Makaelyn.

    This isn’t a “story” yet. Was there a specific moment he decided Africa wasn’t enough? What was going on? If there wasn’t a moment for that, maybe describe the moment he decided coming to America might be the answer.

    Another possibility: What/when was the moment he realized teaching was his purpose in life?

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