Profile Final

Ngomboko “Lawrence” Muzinga in his office.

Muzinga asked, “I asked my students what is the closest American name to Laurent?” Laurent is a name in French equivalent to his African name. The students came up with two options, “Larry” or “Lawrence”. The decision was quick as an African American student straight up told him, ‘Hey, Muzinga don’t take Larry, Larry is for old white man.’. There it was, the day Lawrence was officially born.

Technically, the name was born at the University of Illinois. Ngomboko “Lawrence” Muzinga was born and raised in Africa, but that story can wait for another day. Lawrence is who we want to know.

You see, Lawrence is a of man finesse. He has a swagger to him that’s filled with confidence. Now, add to that with his expensive taste and there we have it.

He is a man of business with the agenda to educate the young adults of today. His presentation of himself is what he wants his students to look up to; to find in themselves the same set of confidence that he has.

Giuseppe Del Rio Broggi, a sophomore in Lawrence’s class, even says his style, “it’s different then the other professors and shows part of his culture.”

If Broggi can recognize the diversity Lawrence brings to the campus, so can the other students.

“Dressing is like a religion to me. I want to show students this is how you should look when you are in the real world. Dress up for success.” said Lawrence. He then goes on listing off famous clothing like Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, you name it and he probably has it.

“Only he can pull it off.” said Jodie Nieman, the Business Department’s Housekeeper.

But don’t let the looks fool you. He may be a man of class when he’s on campus but he is really nice guy trying to make the future look bright for his students. Sure Lawrence was born in America, but his African culture and respect shine through his expensive taste.

If you haven’t met the wonderful Lawrence, stop by and say hi in his office at the Business Department. He is enjoys meeting new.

In class activity: Mall explosion

An explosion at Mega City Mall has left 100 injured and 2 dead. People were in shock as an explosion took place near the food court at 9:53 am.

As of right now, this is considered an accident until further notice said Captain Fuglsang. The officers are currently looking over the close circuit cameras in vicinity of the explosion for any clues.

All the injured people have been sent to the various hospitals in the city. The two fatalities are still in the works of being recognized. Captain Fuglsang and the rest of the police department are working closely with the mall for thorough and timely investigation.

A variety of people were at the mall during the time. A college student was getting her coffee at the food court when she heard the explosion. She had a slight hearing loss at the moment due to the incident and is slowly recovering. She said, “It was really loud and everyone was screaming.”

The workers at the mall were just as traumatized as an employee from Victor’s Secret, located near the food court, ran for cover and ducked under the dresser. A Santa’s elf worker was at Santa’s workshop when the explosion happened. She followed everyone else that was running away to safety.

Another press conference will be held this afternoon with more updates of the situation.

News Comment #16: LAPD officer allegedly caught fondling corpse

An investigation is underway of a Los Angeles Police Department officer because his body camera allegedly caught him fondling a dead woman’s body.

The officer and his partner responded to the call of a possible dead body. The officers determined the woman was dead. As one officer went to the patrol car, the accused officer turned off his body-worn camera. Allegedly this is when the accused officer fondled the deceased woman’s breasts.

Even as the camera got turned off before the incident, it was captured by the two-minute buffer on the device.

The case has not been referred to the district attorney’s office yet, as the investigation continues.

The article is set up with describing the situation very brief and focuses more of the article on the investigation and people’s response to the accused officer. It ends the article with a statement of apology to the family of the dead woman.

Many sources and statements were used to express how people feel about the incident. Fondling of dead corpses is not allowed and disgusted upon. It is interesting that they kept the accused officers name of this article. Either way people will know who done it. Overall, interesting topic.

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Profile Draft

Before Ngomboko Muzinga, also known as Lawrence, worked at Morningside, he was managing a bank. Located in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa is where he lived. As the manager, Muzinga would teach his clients how to manage their money. Muzinga wanted to help everyone. He would venture out to find his clients and talk to them about business, opening an account and the benefits. Muzinga was not like the other bankers and his friends and family told him that. Everyone saw Muzinga as a professor, not a bank manager. He believed them. He believed them so much he that he got a scholarship to study in the United States. Thus, began his journey to becoming the professor that he is today.

Starting from the beginning, Little Muzinga fell into the path of excellence. When he was of age, his parents sent him off to boarding school that was 2 hours away from home. He made the best of it as he states it was the start to learning to be a man. The learning worked because he continued to pursue the highest grade in his education. Aiming for the best. He soon learned that he wasn’t the only one with a smart brain.

As a junior in college, Muzinga had a friend who had a younger sister. And to Muzinga’s eyes, he saw her as a little sister too. There was not love interest, at least right away. The girl was in high school when she received the highest grade in the entire country. Muzinga started to think of her differently, especially when she got the highest grade on an exam of that section. Each section exam was focused on a subject, for example economics. She did very well and became a star to the other students. Because of her smarts, Muzinga knew that he wanted to marry her. That is what he did, on June 2nd, 1990.

Everything was going good for them. Around this time was when Muzinga was working at the bank and to which he got told to pursue teaching. This worked out well as his wife decided to further her education in the United States. Muzinga soon followed once he received his scholarship.

They both ended up at the University of Illinois. Muzinga could have gone anywhere, but he knew of students from back home that went there. While there, he got a scholarship to teach African languages in the linguistic department. He called upon the students to help him determine an American that he can be called as, because his African name is hard for others to say. Muzinga asked, “I asked my students what is the closest American name to Laurent?” Laurent is a name in French equivalent to his African name. The students came up with two options, “Larry” or “Lawrence”. The decision was quick as an African American student straight up told him, ‘Hey, Muzinga don’t take Larry, Larry is for old white man.’. There it was, the day Lawrence was officially born.

Later, he got his PhD, but to also point out, Muzinga was rewarded three times their graduate assistant of the year: 2000, 2001, 2002. The reason why it is important is because Muzinga said, “no one has received that award twice.” Further proving his talent in mastering his education and achieving great prestige in the work he does. He has proof too, as his plaques hang on the wall in his office.

After graduating, Muzinga and his wife moved to Platteville, Wisconsin. From there, he began working as a Professor at the University of Dubuque. His hard work continues to pay off because he received awards for teacher of the year, twice. Working roughly 15 years in Dubuque; Muzinga decided for a change. This is when Morningside College comes in.

This is his 3rd year at Morningside College. His wife also works there too, in the Agriculture department in Buhler Rolfs. She goes by Annie.

Everything is going well for Muzinga. Underneath all the jokes and stylish looks he presents himself as everyday when he teaches, is a respectful man then to inspire. Jodie Nieman, the Business Department’s Housekeeper had this to say about Muzinga, “he is a real nice guy, real friendly.” She goes on to when he first started working that he willingly introduced himself first. The amount of respect he expresses to his colleagues and students is pleasant. Giuseppe Del Rio Broggi, a sophomore in Muzinga’s class, said, “Pretty good teacher. Really takes care of you and understands things.”

News Release: Oldest polar bear at Midland Zoo dies

Midland Zoo’s oldest polar bear, Homer, passes away at the age of 16 years. Polar bears have thrived at the zoo since 1985 because of the engaging natural exhibits. An investigation is being conducted on Homer’s recent death. Zoo director Chris Bacon states that everyone at the zoo is doing everything to determine the bears death. The zoo’s goal is the animal welfare and preservation of their species. It will take weeks before the results come in.