In class: Description practice

It was late last night. Darkness enveloped us as we left the building. We just got done decorating for our upcoming holiday event. The cool air hit us as we passed through the doorway. Shoving open the heavy doors. She had on her purple coat and camo hat; long brown hair that fell from beneath.

We stood outside for a bit. Looking at each other, I asked if she wanted to have the file to edit for tomorrow. She said sure, but probably wont touch it till class as she has to get up early for practice. Agreeing to her response, I told her, “good job” for the work she did in helping decorating and off we went. She got into her Pontiac and drove off as I walked home.

1 thought on “In class: Description practice

  1. Enveloped. A good, mysterious word.

    Why Pontiac? Why not just car? Or blue car? In my head, old people drive Pontiacs. Good concrete details like that can provide lots of information, but some also have a lot of baggage.

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