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Good Morning Siouxland, Thank you for tuning into Early Bird Radio. This is your host Makaelyn Glienke and today we have some fun topics to discuss.

We all dreamed about winning the lottery, but for this man in Massachusetts he not only won the lottery, but won it twice.

His name is Rolf Rhodes and he won $1 million dollars out of the “$4 million dollar Instant Jackpot” game out of a gas station in Mendon, Massachusetts.

He previously won $1 million dollars in 2018. Rhodes first winning ticket was in Milford, Massachusetts, which is just a town next to Mendon. He is one lucky person.

I asked student, ….., if they ever attempted the lottery or even won anything to which they said, “……”

I also asked what they would do with the money if they won the lottery for the first time.

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Remember the fun toys you would get with your happy meal at McDonald’s? This year marks the 40th anniversary and McDonald’s is celebrating it by bringing back their classic toys.

This is happening between November 7 through the 11th and who isn’t excited to see their childhood toys again?

We asked …. about the McDonald’s toys and what fun toy they remember getting.

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Buying food online has grown so much that popular stores like Walmart and Hy-Vee are creating ‘dark stores’ to get orders completed without the customers around.

It states on the CNN article, that only 5% of US shoppers buy their groceries online, but the analysts expect that number to rise in the years to come. This gives us who still like to shop at the stores room again.

We asked … if they like to grocery shop online or in store and if they like the idea of ‘dark stores’.

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That’s all we have for now. Tune in later for some more fun stories going on in the world. This is Makaelyn Glienke with Early Bird Radio.

This isn’t part of the script but to show you the sources. Click on the links to view the articles:

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