News Comment #11: Record 176 people stung by stingrays at popular California beach in one day

**Embargo: Los Angeles, CA** A record number of swimmers were stung by stingrays on Saturday in Huntington Beach, authorities said.

People had to be cautious when stepping into the Huntington Beach waters in California as 176 people were stung by stingrays in only one day.

Warm weather means time at the beach for the people, but it also means low tide. And the low tide is where stingrays reside. It is a bad case when people step on the stingrays and get stung.

Lifeguards were caring for people stung by soaking their injuries in warm water. The article goes on describing more about stingrays and educated people are shuffling their feet when in the water to scare them away.

The formatting of the article begins with the amount of people stung by stingrays and goes on explaining why there were so many out at the beach that day. Majority of the quotes used in article begin with the statement before attributing the speaker.

In a broadcast view, the story would of after its comparison report of fewer people at the beach due to the colder weather.

Or to take the story in a different direction, jump right into the education of the of the stingrays and why they a lot of people that day.

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1 thought on “News Comment #11: Record 176 people stung by stingrays at popular California beach in one day

  1. Most broadcast outlets like CNN have different stories for broadcast and “print.” I’ve seen a lot of places where they just post the script from the video as the story. Some times it works. Most times it doesn’t. There is no video link, so this story may be print only.

    If nothing else, the print story is the opportunity to include all the info that couldn’t fit in the BC version.

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