News Comment #10: Woman killed after stumbling across robbery while playing Pokemon Go, police say

Cayla Campos, a 21-year-old New Mexico woman, was playing Pokémon Go with her boyfriend when she was fatally shot from witnessing a robbery in progress.

Cayla Campos was killed while playing Pokemon Go with her boyfriend near Bianchetti Park in Albuquerque, N.M., on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019.

Campos and her boyfriend were driving when they witnessed two armed robbers targeting someone in another vehicle.

Campus tried flee the scene but the suspects spotted her and fired shots. Campus got struck by gunfire and crashed the vehicle into a nearby home.

The story was received on abcnews. A video and written article discuss the incident by in different views.

Instantly, the leads are different. The video shows and image of Campos and begins with “This is Cayla Campos” and go on with what happened, identifying the location, and the robbers.

The lead in the article doesn’t state Campos’s name. They cover her age, where she is from, and the scenario that happened.

The length and content differ. The video is shorter and focuses more on the Pokémon game and how players have to be cautious as the article goes more in depth about who Campos was and uses quotes from friends and family.

The sources in the video are from random kids in the neighborhood who are aware of the incident and play Pokémon go. The article includes when regular player of the game and mostly Campos’s friends and family.

The video showed images of Campos. Pictures of the area of the shooting. The house that was damaged from Campos’ impact. Then switches to videos of kids on skateboards and people standing outside in the neighborhood.

To learn more about the story, or see the difference between video and article, click here:

1 thought on “News Comment #10: Woman killed after stumbling across robbery while playing Pokemon Go, police say

  1. Yes, the video story is only partially about Cmpos. It’s more of a Stranger Danger warning for skaters. I couldn’t guess why they did that.

    The print version is more standard fare. Maybe that’s the explanation: use the video for one story, print for another. Then hope they work together.

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