News Comment #8: New Jersey man arrested for what prosecutors call ‘reconnaissance’ of George Washington Bridge

Traffic moves over the Hudson River and across the George Washington Bridge between New York City and Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Daniel Czerepak, 29, was arrested under the charges of forgery, theft and weapons by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. He was trying to gain access to a restricted entrance of the George Washington Bridge as mentioned on

The bridge connects New Jersey to Manhattan Island and Czerepak tried to gain access to the bridge by using a fake ID and posing as a Port Authority subcontractor.

A search was made on Czerepak’s home and five 30-round rifle magazines and one 15-round magazine was found. New Jersey law limits to 10 rounds of ammunition for the magazine capacity.

Czerepak pleaded not guilty to the third-degree weapons offenses and other related charges as found on

Police were called when Czerepak’s fake ID was recognized at the guarded access point on the bridge. This led to the search of his car and home and the founded ammunition.

The story’s lead was good as it gave a enough information as what is going on and made me curious enough to read more. The organization of the story starts with the arrest and the finding of magazine rounds. It moves on to the charges and his plead.

Clearly, CNN tried to find more information about the man and who he is but didn’t get as much, so they filled the next paragraphs with quotes. And then they finish off the story on how what went down that day when Czerepak showed up on that bridge.

I think I would of talked about what went down right away and then included the back story towards the end. Just to get the important information of what Czerepak was doing that day and how it went down to his arrest.

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1 thought on “News Comment #8: New Jersey man arrested for what prosecutors call ‘reconnaissance’ of George Washington Bridge

  1. Seems like they could aso charge hi with fraud, or impersonating a public official. You’re right that it does take a while to get to the “reconaissance” part of the story.

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