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Why I chose Liberal Arts

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All of my college options were liberal arts schools.  Liberal arts played a huge role in my college decision.  I did not want to go to a large non-liberal arts school.  I did not know what I wanted to major in, but I had a few options floating around in my head.  I researched liberal […]

Beauty Captured in Artwork

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This week we studied artists and looked at a specific quote they made about art in their lifetime.  We also looked up each artist’s works. Da Vinci Da Vinci created most of his work to be realistic.  He studied human anatomy deeply in his lifetime which aided his ability to be able to realistically construct […]


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This article discussed what we can describe as grotesque art and what does not quite fit the categories.  Grotesque artwork must pull on different emotions, and the subject matter and form must go along with the emotions.  Grotesque art also pulls out deep inner drives that push human beings.  A lot of times this art […]

The Covenant Walk

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In class we have talked about the Western religions and how they have come from Abraham.  We have talked a lot about how God promised the land to Abraham’s people.  This covenant came up in the church service I attended this past week.  The pastor talked about the different myths in the bible of covenant […]

Impact of Attractiveness In Hiring

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This article was about a study done on whether physical attractiveness played a role in who managers hire.  Two main hypothesis were tested: 1. Knowledge and personality tests and conscientiousness played a larger role in hiring than physical attractiveness.  2.  Physical attractiveness would have a higher role in employers’ assessments in high customer contact jobs […]

Tim Orwig Presentation

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I did not realize that Morningside has been such a strong influence in racial and gender equality throughout its history.  In the very early 1900’s, Morningside had a women’s basketball team when there were very few in the country.  That team was banished shortly after it was created because they were featured in the Chicago […]

Honors-Oogy and Homer

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Oogy and Homer have somewhat similar stories.  Oogy is a surviving bate dog for dog fighting.  Bate dogs are thrown into pins with fighting dogs just to test the fighting dogs.  Oogy’s face was extremely torn up on one side and he is very lucky to be alive.  He was excepted into a loving home […]

Becoming A Hajji

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Today during class we went on our own version of the Hajj, only ours was on Morningside campus instead of in Mecca.  We participated in all of the events that the actual Hajji would.  Our events were small examples of the actual Hajj events, but they were very helpful in learning the process.  While we […]