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Honors Reflection

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My opinions on beauty have slightly changed, but overall, these readings and our discussions have strengthened my main opinion.  Everybody has a different sense of beauty.  We all find beauty in different people and different objects.  Yes, sometimes our views on beauty are influenced by our social world, but when we look past that, we […]

Religion or Competition?

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As we were talking about Christmas and how we don’t really know what day Jesus was born, I started thinking.  We discussed how Christians picked the date of Christmas to compete with the Romans’ celebration of Saturnalia.  It makes me wonder how much of our beliefs and practices come from competition between religions rather than […]

Honors: Wisdom of Solomon

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This reading is about how we (people) make the mistake of noticing beautiful and marvelous things and, in a way, worship those things without thinking deeply into it.  We fail to see who created this beauty and how it was created.  By not realizing this, we take things from this world and make them our […]

Go to Liberty?

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All throughout reading the Unlikely Disciple, I was intrigued by Kevin’s new experience.  I thought he was insane for trying to study there with his lack of evangelical christian knowledge.  I’m glad he had the courage to go and write this book.  His insight on Liberty has shown me that there is more out there […]

Contrast Effect

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The articles we read and video we watched were all about the contrast effect and how it changes our views on beauty today.  The contrast effect is when we judge beauty based on others’ around us.  These people can be more attractive or less attractive people.  They can be in our normal social lives, or […]

Sacred Center. Do I Have One?

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All of our studying about Eliade’s model of pilgrimage has me thinking a lot about how the axis mundi is that one spot where people of a religion feel the closest connection to the heavens.  This place is like the ladder to God/the gods.  It was very easy to learn this as a concept, but […]

My Dream Job

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Looking for someone to create new ideas for our products (food and other products) that will draw in our customers.  Need to have experience in business marketing/advertising and some knowledge in chemistry.  Must be able to critically think and be able to have social knowledge. In order to get this job in the future, I […]

Honors-Liking What You See

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Liking What You See was about a fictional story in which different characters argued over a student initiative whether students should be required to have a calliagnosia or not.  A calliagnosia was an alteration in the neural pathways in the brain that changed the way people looked at other’s faces.  Natural physical beauty was no […]

Marx’s Valid Point

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As I read about Frazer, Freud, Durkheim, and Marx, I begin to rethink my faith.  Is what I believe true?  If it is, how can I be sure?  All four of these theorists have some valid points.  The one theorist that has really interested me though is Karl Marx.  He is the one that makes […]