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Honors-Gender Issues

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The videos we watched were about Chaz Bono, formerly known as Chastity Bono.  Chaz is the son of Sonny and Cher.  He was born a girl, but has undergone sex changes in order to become a man.  When he was a woman, he was a lesbian, and he never felt right being a woman.  He […]

Intro. to Religion-What is Religion?

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The more and more we study about different religions, pilgrimages, and definitions of religions, the more unclear the definition of religion is to me.  It seems to me that there can be many different definitions.  We haven’t even studied all the world religions and almost every definition we have seen conflicts with some form of […]

Intro. to Religion-Pilgrimage

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Just a few thoughts that have been rolling around in my head…  We say that each one of the religions we have studied has some form of a pilgrimage.  We see that each religion has value in these pilgrimages and that each one is different.  Some are very different than others.  So are the ones […]

Paper Prompt (Rhetorical Situation)

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The most important aspect of religion could be a few different things such as:  ultimate reality, practices, beliefs, sacred places, history, etc.  The audience I would be talking about in my paper would be the people of all different religions.  I would analyze the different religions and their followers to point out an important aspect […]


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This article gave insight to sexism and how it was used in the last elections.  Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin faced a huge task if they wanted to get to the white house because of all the sexism against them.  The media is relentless whenever they see the chance to put someone down in the […]

Religion-Belief in Karma

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In class we have been talking a lot about Hinduism and eastern religions and the belief in karma.  It is hard for me to see how this makes sense to them because I have grown up a totally different way.  The thing that confuses me the most is when they decide they want to end […]