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Honors-Palin, Clinton Sexism

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After reading the article about how sexism was very alive in the 2008 election, I can’t help but agree.  The media seems to be the source of a lot of the problem.  While general sexist stereotypes do exist, the media enhances them and makes them worse.  Our country has come a long way from the sexist roles in the past, but there are still some.  This article is very right that both Palin and Clinton were viewed as sex objects more than politicians with certain beliefs.  I can also see how they were viewed in the mother, pet, and iron maiden terms.  I feel like the sex object stereotype was the biggest thing played out by the media.  I do also believe that the media played on the iron maiden stereotype.  We heard a lot about the “pit bull with lipstick” and the stern stone wall of Clinton.  There is no reason for this sexism.  We need to drop it and realize that leaders can be women.  It’s time to stop suppressing woman because of the gender roles that we’re used to aren’t being followed.  What our country is doing is very childish.  We need to grow up and see that sex is not important in determining positions and roles other than those that are enforced by nature.


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