Humans Vs. Zombies

Article #3 – Broadcast #2

The philosophy club put together a fundraiser on the last week of october called humans vs zombies. a game of tag where the zombies go and tag the humans, infecting the campus. May the last human survive win.

The main rules were that your armband must always be showing, the zombies could not run, humans could not be tagged inside the buildings, and outside players could not interfere.

To play singles paid $2. A group of three $5 and a group of 12 or more was a dollar each.

The philosphy club had this fundraiser to go on a conference and they leave for the event sometime next spring. Already asking for an allocation amount from student government, this is just for them to have some cushion. Unsure if this event will be going on next year, but we can all say that this was a very successful event.

(I know i need to copy and paste all the stories into one post and i will later. These are all rough drafts. I’m meeting with Brendan about this article later and it will all be connected in the final draft, recorded and all. I think those are all my thoughts. Rough drafts for days.)

Morningside No School Tuesday November 4th

Article #3 – Broadcast #3

Good news Morningside, no school on Tuesday November 4th. All classes have been cancelled due to Freshman Registration, but night classes will resume.

Not only is it Freshman Registration. It is also voting day. From 7am-9pm in the Lobby of Eppley is where you can place your votes for Iowa, MSide.

So, no classes and go place your vote for Iowa.

Have a great day!~

Good Nights Equal Good Sleep Hygiene

Article #3 – Broadcast #1 – Draft(I’m not really sure how to do this. So, this is just me…winging it~)

Sleep hygiene is where you practice the same routine every night and when you wake up. A good night’s sleep means having good sleep hygiene. You can get 12 hours of sleep, which is highly unrecommended, and still be tired. Simply because all that sleep will mean nothing without good sleep hygiene. The average amount someone should sleep is eight hours, but that sleep will mean nothing unless you put sleep hygiene with it.

A number of things fall under getting a good night’s sleep besides just sleep hygiene. The body only works off of one REM Cycle and does not carry over into other days. The REM Cycle is considered a full cycle of sleep for the body. Everyone gets to the REM Cycle at different points of sleep, some at six hours, others at eight, maybe even some at five.

It is not rare to hit the REM Cycle without proper sleep hygiene, but with sleep hygiene you’d reach the REM Cycle more often. Which basically means you get to sleep like a baby and wake up ready to take on the world.

Things to keep in mind when practicing sleep hygiene:

  • Avoid naps during the day
  • Don’t drink alcohol or coffee before bed
  • Don’t try to go to bed if you aren’t tired
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time

Those are just a few of the main points when it comes to getting good sleep hygiene. No one has the same routine or way they get to bed, so just because something works for someone means that it will work for you. A good night’s sleep never came easy, but doesn’t mean that they are impossible to come by.

Announced! Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6

News Article!

The one thing I’ve learned about music articles is that there aren’t much to them.

Talking about the release of a new song, its talks about the last time the band released a song and then it goes into something else about the artist and a bit about what they’ve been up to and then it goes back to the song and when it will be released.

The article is always longer when its about having an interview with a band member about whatever. Sometimes the entire interview will be there and other times it won’t be.

When talking about releasing a new music video, its just like talking about a song. Albums on the other hand are a little bit different.

This article was about Fearless Records releasing another Punk Goes Pop album. Which is basically punk, rock, and metal bands come together and cover on the radio songs. In the article it talks about who is going to be on the album and following it is the track list.

Music articles are all the same, straight and to the point and i find that to be really nice. When it comes to music i like to read about some things when i’m in the mood for it. We’re all busy so, when the headline is about a new CD and i just want to know the generals about it, the article gives me that.

Something for me to work on: short and to the point.


Breathing Underwater Crystals

Science Article!

You could be the little mermaid or at least visit her, even have Aquaman consider you to be his sidekick, or party with spongebob.

A group of scientists have created crystals that make breathing underwater a reality. These “Aquaman Crystals” not only help you live out underwater dreams these could be a major help to lung cancer patients to help sustain regular breathing levels.

Scientists have figured out how to pack a room’s worth of oxygen into a bucket full of crystals. Unlike other substances that also react to oxygen, they’re likening it to a sponge that can absorb and hold oxygen.

A few grains of the crystal can almost be compared to an oxygen tank and will contain enough oxygen for one breath. The material will absorb oxygen from the water around the diver and supply the diver with it.

Like having very few crystals to breathe underwater, the lung cancer patients would be able to breathe on land and the crystals will take oxygen from the surrounding air. With that they will be able to go free without their oxygen tank and instead have it switched out with a handful of crystals.

It’s the dreams and fantasies of swimming with ariel, fighting with aquaman, or meeting spongebob that make scientific advancement cool and oftentimes useful for medicine and human development.

Malala Yousafzai Won the Nobel Peace Prize for the Voiceless Children

Malala Yousafzai, the 2014 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, spoke for the children. Considerably a child herself at just seventeen, she stays true to what she knows. Using ‘totally’ made her real, what Nobel Peace Prize winner can get away with that? She doesn’t use larger words to impress the older audience, but sticks to the words of children because:

The youngest-ever Nobel Prize recipient is a Pakistani activist for female education and is known mainly for human rights advocacy for education and for women in her native province of northwest Pakistan. Through her story she wants other children all around the world to know that they should stand up for their rights.

The local Taliban tried to stop girls from attending school and only having two options: “One was not to speak and wait to be killed. And the second was – and the second was to speak up and then be killed.” Choosing the second option, they shot her and left her for dead. Malala’s advocacy has since grown into an international movement.

Everyone’s life has live and tribulations, but it’s a choice on whether it makes you better or worse. Becoming better than the world she was brought into, her message to children all around the world that they should stand up for their rights.

“I have received this award, but this is not the end. This is not the end. This is not the end of this campaign which I have started. I think this is really the beginning and I want to see every child going to school.” –Malala Yousafzai

Interview with Mayday Parade’s Derek Sanders

News Article! (because i need to do some writing to just get my mind off of things)

Mayday Parade, a band from Tallahassee, is currently on their Honeymoon Tour. Called the Honeymoon Tour because they started the tour directly right after Jeremy Lenzo, the bassist, was married. His wifey went to the first few shows with them to celebrate their new marriage, but then went back home. In this article, they caught up with Derek, the lead singer, and it wasn’t headed anywhere.

The article seemed scattered and it was hard to keep interest. I wanted to read it because Derek is the singer of one of my favorite bands, but when I started reading it, it was hard to stay into it. The interviewer just seemed awkward and jumped from question to question. There wasn’t any flow to any of it. It jumped from performing, to recording, to Halloween and there was no easy transition into things. It wasn’t one of the better interview articles I’ve read, but learning about upcoming things was nice.

So, what i learned from this article is find a flow and stick to it. Steer people in the direction you want them to go and then find a way to transition into certain questions that you want answers for. Being an interviewer, its easier said then done, but its just one of those things you have to work on and keep improving at. I feel like you’ll have really good interviews, but other times you’ll get really sucky ones. You just want more good then bad and practice makes perfect.


Bring Me The Horizon Releases New Music Video “Drown”

News Article!

Earlier this month Bring Me the Horizon, a death metal, grindcore, emo unit, announced that they would be releasing their first post-Sempiternal single, “Drown.” Sempiternal, their fourth full-length album, was released in 2013. The music video was just released today and can be watched here.

The track will be officially released December 9th and is currently up for pre-order on iTunes.


Reviewing this article, it is short and simple to the point. Its starts off just saying that the band has released a new song as well as a new music video for it. Which is now my new jam, just adding. Then it goes into how you can get the song and then to share our thoughts on the video. Then the last paragraph talks about their last album and the award they won for it and then a link to the article about his acceptance speech.

What else is there to be said about music? If you like the band, you like the band and there is no need to get that much into the back story of it all. Perks of reading online, you can look for things you want to read.

Confessions of a Student Leader

I think I found my new jam, Drown by Bring Me The Horizon.

No, but really this is confessions of being student leader of the month for September.

Cool award. Its nice being recognized, but i never asked for this award. I don’t think i did anything to deserve it, but apparently the people in ODK believe that i should get it. Considering i won by a landslide with 27 votes.

I don’t know how i won or what i did, but this title is mine, for the month.

Immediately though, its not congrats its: “How’d you get that?” or “You’re in ODK?” or “Whats with your picture on the board?”

Of course i’ve been nothing but polite and human to these questions. Even to tell them that i am drunk as fuck in that picture.

Lol i’m your student leader of the month and here is my drunk picture from MayTerm!

Here are my honest answers though: “I don’t fucking know.” and “No, I’m fucking not. I’m not even smart enough to be in ALD. Plus you can’t even get the award if you are in ODK.” and “I’m the student leader of the month for September. If you weren’t so jealous, you’d have read that.”

Besides the negativity, I honestly probably got one congrats, but that may not even be true. I do know though that i got more questions about the award then i did a good job.

You don’t know me and i don’t know you. You don’t know why i do the things i do and you don’t need to know the reasons why. I’ll be more then glad to share them with you, if you ask.

Lets be honest though. You really don’t care. Why do you care about whatever anyone has to say? Why do you care what i have to say?

I have haters, i know i do. We all do. You’re a fool if you think everyone likes you, because someone secretly hates you. I don’t give a fuck about what other people think, but that doesn’t mean that i don’t have feelings.

All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor that song makes me feel like shit. Don’t get me wrong, i’m all about having a positive body image, but i’m not about taking someone down to feel better about myself. Anaconda i think is funny, but All About That Bass makes me feel like shit. Just because I’m skinny and ‘popular’ (which i don’t even think i am i’m an asshole and i dont even know how i have friends) doesn’t mean that i don’t have body or image issues. We all have our own demons.

Your not special because you think your the only one in the world with problems.

Having my picture on a public wall, i don’t care. My face is everywhere. The wonders of social media, but i figured we’d be a bit more grown up.

To whoever crossed out my face and stabbed it twice on the dot on my forehead and on my nose, thank you for pointing out the things i am already self-conscious about.

How were you supposed to know though? I’m skinny, so i’m not supposed to have body issues. I’m popular, but why do i talk i feel like i’m the only one who can hear me. I have money, doesn’t mean its mommy and daddy’s i work hard for the shit i have.
You get the point? No, you obviously don’t because you have to bring other people down to make yourself feel better.


Who would’ve thought. Diane Nguyen. Princess of MAC, has so many friends, perfect grades, a great home life, school is cake to her, skinny, doesn’t have to eat anything, has boys lined up for her.

There are so many things you don’t know about me and things i know you don’t care about. So, in the end i don’t care that you did that to my face. I’ve been brought down. I’m human and you are too. We all have our own problems and we’ve probably all hit rock bottom at one point of our lives. i just advise you, to think before you do something. No matter how hurt you are or how low you feel, you are never allowed nor is it ever okay for you to bring anyone down.


That bullshit is not okay and if someone ever dies on your account i hope you feel guilty for the rest of your god-damn awful miserable life. Not saying i want someone to die, but if that was me and i had died from all the shit i’ve been getting in my life. I hope you think that its your fault and you can ask for tall the forgivness that you want, but just know that i don’t forgive you. You probably tell me to fuck off or go to hell right now, but news flash.

That’s incidentally where i came from.

5 Seconds of Summer Releases ‘Good Girls’ Music Video


Australian Punk Pop rock band, 5 Seconds of Summer, has just recently released their new music video for ‘Good Girls’. The track is from their self-titled album, which was released this past June.

5 Seconds of Summer formed in 2011 and is made up of Luke Hemmings (lead vocals/guitar), Michael Clifford (guitar/vocals), Ashton Irwin (drums/vocals), and Calum Hood (bass/vocals). Reaching America this past summer with their number one hit single: ‘She Looks So Perfect’ We can expect a lot of great things coming from these Aussies. Their high-energy music has all the girls swooning and boys wishing to join in on their fun. Which respectively has fans calling themselves the ‘5sos fam’ full of brothers and sisters!

The boys of 5 Seconds of Summer play music standing on the line standing between 90’s pop-punk and 2000’s boy band pop, creating a unique sound all their own. In their short and still growing musical career they have released 3 EPs, 4 music videos, 1 self-titled album that has then been extended and made into deluxe editions, AND they have been on two tours. Honestly, not too shabby for a quartet of hooligans coming together over the past four years just to make a band.

The NEW video for ‘Good Girls’ can be watched here!

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