Humans Vs. Zombies

Article #3 – Broadcast #2

The philosophy club put together a fundraiser on the last week of october called humans vs zombies. a game of tag where the zombies go and tag the humans, infecting the campus. May the last human survive win.

The main rules were that your armband must always be showing, the zombies could not run, humans could not be tagged inside the buildings, and outside players could not interfere.

To play singles paid $2. A group of three $5 and a group of 12 or more was a dollar each.

The philosphy club had this fundraiser to go on a conference and they leave for the event sometime next spring. Already asking for an allocation amount from student government, this is just for them to have some cushion. Unsure if this event will be going on next year, but we can all say that this was a very successful event.

(I know i need to copy and paste all the stories into one post and i will later. These are all rough drafts. I’m meeting with Brendan about this article later and it will all be connected in the final draft, recorded and all. I think those are all my thoughts. Rough drafts for days.)


  1. More possibilities for quotes.

    Include a throwaway lead: For a couple of days, Morningside
    was the setting for the walking dead. Then the story.

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