Caffeine State of Mind

i am in a caffeine induced state. i worked a 3pm-midnight shift at work and while doing so i had an icee, a large coca-cola, and when i got home i ate and then took a 5 hour energy just so i can do homework.

“do your homework over the weekend.”

at this point i should’ve and i could’ve but instead i visited my friends in storm lake.

“this is your own fault.”

yes, i never said it wasn’t but i had two options, stay at home and hate myself because all my housemates were invited out for a birthday OR go hang out with people i like and maybe get as much homework done then as i would have but lonely and sober. i chose not to hate myself on a saturday night and drove the hour and a half just to hang out with my BV friends.

So, now i find myself in a caffeine induced state.

since elementary school i always did my homework as soon as i got home because the sooner you finish your homework the less you have to worry about it and that’s how i’ve always done my homework. now that i’m older, i find it harder to do your homework right after school because right after school i go to work.

“stop working.” or “don’t work too many hours then.” or “make a different schedule.”

lol. i can’t stop working because i need money for bills. i have to work as many hours i can to pay for all of my bills and then for food, at the end of the day after i pay for all of the necessities, i have a whooping $27 in my checking account until next payday and thanks to my automatic $25 transfer into my savings to help me save money i have $2 in my bank account. So, while knowing all of this i can’t make a different schedule and i just have to roll with the punches.

my body hates me, i’m sure. but i just always remind myself that my body has been through worse shit than this (this can be another story). not only that, but whenever i come back from MN, i take a 5hourEnergy before beginning my 6hr drive back to sioux city. So, in my mind, i’m thinking “at least i’m not driving.” and after this year i probably won’t ever have to do this ever again.

this is: fucking my body over on caffeine just to stay awake to graduate.

because one day, i will be sitting in my castle in france with a cup of tea and my cats, with a pen and paper on the table next to me. all of this isn’t for nothing, i’m gonna get there.

What I want to do with my Journalism Minor

So, here at the Morningside Activities Council you may call me Princess Rice. Since i am the public relations officer.

At work, I’m called a model, but they know me by my number: 01832786

In the future, besides wanting to be a famous author, I want to be a manager at Hollister and hopefully make my way up that corporate ladder.

Besides that VERY solid plan, there’s actually something else that i want to do with my life.

I want to travel the world, listen to music, make friends with everyone everywhere. I don’t want to be stuck in one place. One dead end job, working during the day when all i want to do is write and live my life. I want to be in a place where i always feel welcomed, where i don’t have to follow anyone’s standards, but my own. SO….what is it that i want to do?

You may call me the Merch Bitch.

I understand that may not be the nicest name to call myself, but i feel like that is a proper term. I don’t know. I just feel like when dealing with a ton of crazy fans things will go insane and people will try to steal things while dealing with other people. So, being a bitch when necessary seems like a good idea. I could be a bitch an di could be the nicest person in the world, if i tried. Haha…no joke though being the merchandise girl for a band on tour. Seems like the perfect fit for me and I’m okay with that.

Write, travel, live, be with music, hang with bands. Can this be my life?

Paradise Fears New Music Video: ‘You to Believe In’

I now understand what it means to be timely with the news. Although it is new, it is hardly new news anymore. Paradise Fears posted their new music video ‘You to Believe In’ on September 3rd. It is now the 5th and it is hardly new. Now, I understand about being timely. Paradise Fears posting a new music video and making an article about it three days later, makes me look bad. Now, its just old news. People already know about it and have already posted their reactions. I missed my chance.

So when something new comes out, the sooner it is reported the better. Then after maybe do a reaction story or even a critique. Right now though, it is too late to post about Paradise Fears’ new music video. Live and learn.


Epic Summary

Epic IMDb: A teenager finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place. She bands together with a rag-tag group of characters in order to save their world — and ours.

Part One: Is where some of the characters from the other universe is introduced. Then we get to meet the main character, MK, and learn about her life. Before things take a sour turn for the adventure to begin.

Part Two: After the queen leaves and MK has been transported into another universe, she has to team up with the soldiers from the other dimension to help save her own and to go back home. The second part ends when the pod is stolen by the bad guy.

Part Three: Beginning the third part, the crew needs to sneak into the bad guys’ lair and steal back the pod. During this time MK goes back home, still apart of the other dimension, and realizes that her dad was right all along. Once they retrieve the pod, it is now time for it to bloom, but the bad guys are going to do everything in its power to stop it.

Video Production Class: 9/8/14

Watched: Epic

examples of 3 act structure: transported, pod stolen, pod returns and then blooms

inciting events: The queen dies and the pod is transferred to main character

types of act 2 conflict: pod stolen by bad guy

conflict resolved? How? – yes. pod blooms.