Future Plans

Here are my plans for the future:

  • Graduate from Morningside with a major in English with a minor in Journalism.
  • Work as a manager at Hollister for about two years.
  • Transfer to a Hollister in Seattle.
  • Move to Seattle with my best friend.
  • Write an awesome book.
  • Become rich and famous.
  • Pay off Student Debt, pay off Tiffany’s debt, have a saving account for my child, and then pay off Casey Evans and Daniel Garcia’s student loans.

Sounds pretty legit.

But then, sometimes your best friend decides to surprise everyone with a Facebook announcement that he is going to be a dad. At first I was upset because I have this plan that I will now have to incorporate a child into. Not even my own child, but his. Then I was thinking about him and knowing him he’d never leave the child behind, but would his baby momma want to come with us to Seattle? How would she feel about a guy friend and a girl friend who had history move out together?

Took me a day to accept it, but I did. Congratulations, I thought. With a click of my mouse, I liked the status.

Not even an hour later, just kidding!

Zack you prick. Seattle is still on.

A Blog About My 2nd Cousins

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

For the weekend, my cousin and his kids came by to say hi and hangout. It was fun and a bit mind-boggling. Simply because kids are interesting creatures. I love kids, but I’ve been told that it looks like I hate kids. Rude. Well either way I miss them and here’s how they return my love:

“Should I eat the pancakes?”

“Yes! They are poisonous!”

“I feel loved.”

But then, this happened:

“And don’t forget that I have 15 girlfriends!”

And the number just keeps going up and up, but then down. How strange. And his older brother only has one, but he gives her dead birds as a gift. That boy is a catch. I would love to sit and talk with a little kid or one of them. They work in such strange ways. I wish I could remember what it was like being a kid. Keeping my all of my thoughts in a journal.

Then I thought, why is it okay for boys to have girlfriends at a young age, but not girls?

No one knew the answer and I don’t want to ask my dad. I suppose some things are better with no answers.

The WORST Thing…

This is the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone ever!

I know as a generation we are addicted to being connected and that our life revolves around technology. I know for a fact, speaking for myself, that is the truth. Its labor day weekend and my house has no wifi. The bill came in late and our wiffy was shut down. They said the soonest it will be back is Tuesday. This is terrible because now I can’t watch Once Upon a Time on Netflix and two because all of the homework I have to do is online. Hard to do my homework when I can’t even get to it.

SO here I am. Sitting in Starbucks writing a blog post about how this is the worst thing that has happened to anyone ever.

Kinda sad that not being connected to the internet is the worst thing that has ever happened. Honestly, there are a lot of bad things in the world and the situation is what you make of it. This isn’t that bad, I’m just a girl who likes to complain about the little things. At least I’m doing something about it instead of making excuses for myself. Honestly though, I always look for the positive in any situation and not having wifi isn’t that bad. On the brightside, I get to sit in Starbucks with that awesome coffee smell surrounding me while I do my homework.