Future Plans

Here are my plans for the future:

  • Graduate from Morningside with a major in English with a minor in Journalism.
  • Work as a manager at Hollister for about two years.
  • Transfer to a Hollister in Seattle.
  • Move to Seattle with my best friend.
  • Write an awesome book.
  • Become rich and famous.
  • Pay off Student Debt, pay off Tiffany’s debt, have a saving account for my child, and then pay off Casey Evans and Daniel Garcia’s student loans.

Sounds pretty legit.

But then, sometimes your best friend decides to surprise everyone with a Facebook announcement that he is going to be a dad. At first I was upset because I have this plan that I will now have to incorporate a child into. Not even my own child, but his. Then I was thinking about him and knowing him he’d never leave the child behind, but would his baby momma want to come with us to Seattle? How would she feel about a guy friend and a girl friend who had history move out together?

Took me a day to accept it, but I did. Congratulations, I thought. With a click of my mouse, I liked the status.

Not even an hour later, just kidding!

Zack you prick. Seattle is still on.

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