Interview with the Plex Area Coordinator

Object: A conversation about someone’s pet peeve.

Samuel Clary, dressed in khakis and a nice plaid dress shirt is chilling at his desk working on an e-mail before I came to interview him. He is the new to Morningside’s campus is the new Area Coordinator of the Plex. With an additional new title of Student Development Coordinator. He enjoys his new home and job here at Morningside along with his new job. He did something close to what he is doing now, back in college. So, its nice to be making a career out of it.

One of his hobbies include:

“Working.” he laughed.

He thinks of himself to be a hard worker, but when he isn’t working he likes to sit outside on campus. He says that he is really into nature. He also likes to go to the HPER, he said Morningside is a very active campus, so it really inspired him to get in shape. Other then that, he likes spending time with his residents and putting on fun programs he hopes everyone enjoys.

When I asked Sam what his pet peeve was, he smiled and then went into a full blown laugh. Sam seemed like a pretty chill guy and I didn’t really think he had anything that bothered him, but without missing a beat. Sam said that his biggest pet peeve is: “I don’t like it when people are late and that includes myself.” I laughed and could only agree with him, it makes sense. I do understand why that would be his pet peeve, having a lot to do myself. I don’t want people wasting my time. He says, “I really like it if people told me that they were going to be late, so I’m not waiting.”

Samuel has a list of pet peeves:

  • People being late.
  • Others not falling through with responsibly.
  • When people don’t take serious topics seriously.

After he stated a pet peeve, he always added, “…for myself as well.” I wondered why and he told me that he holds himself to a standard and would like people to treat him the way he treats other people. Which is how life should work.

This is just a bit of Sam Clary, but there is always more than in this post.