Persona 5

The story with the release to Persona 5 is a good lead because it tells you everything you need to know about the game’s release. The first sentence says what game system it will be for. Right after that it is followed by the estimated time the game will be released, in this case late 2014. This article has a good lead because everything you need to know about a new and upcoming game is right at the beginning. It then goes into a little background history about the series and then it states that they are unsure if the game will be available on other systems besides the PlayStation. This article is good because everything you are wondering about the game is answered right away once you open the article.


Future Plans

Here are my plans for the future:

  • Graduate from Morningside with a major in English with a minor in Journalism.
  • Work as a manager at Hollister for about two years.
  • Transfer to a Hollister in Seattle.
  • Move to Seattle with my best friend.
  • Write an awesome book.
  • Become rich and famous.
  • Pay off Student Debt, pay off Tiffany’s debt, have a saving account for my child, and then pay off Casey Evans and Daniel Garcia’s student loans.

Sounds pretty legit.

But then, sometimes your best friend decides to surprise everyone with a Facebook announcement that he is going to be a dad. At first I was upset because I have this plan that I will now have to incorporate a child into. Not even my own child, but his. Then I was thinking about him and knowing him he’d never leave the child behind, but would his baby momma want to come with us to Seattle? How would she feel about a guy friend and a girl friend who had history move out together?

Took me a day to accept it, but I did. Congratulations, I thought. With a click of my mouse, I liked the status.

Not even an hour later, just kidding!

Zack you prick. Seattle is still on.