A Blog About My 2nd Cousins

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

For the weekend, my cousin and his kids came by to say hi and hangout. It was fun and a bit mind-boggling. Simply because kids are interesting creatures. I love kids, but I’ve been told that it looks like I hate kids. Rude. Well either way I miss them and here’s how they return my love:

“Should I eat the pancakes?”

“Yes! They are poisonous!”

“I feel loved.”

But then, this happened:

“And don’t forget that I have 15 girlfriends!”

And the number just keeps going up and up, but then down. How strange. And his older brother only has one, but he gives her dead birds as a gift. That boy is a catch. I would love to sit and talk with a little kid or one of them. They work in such strange ways. I wish I could remember what it was like being a kid. Keeping my all of my thoughts in a journal.

Then I thought, why is it okay for boys to have girlfriends at a young age, but not girls?

No one knew the answer and I don’t want to ask my dad. I suppose some things are better with no answers.

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