Crowd Member at Your Own Risk

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I’ve been to plenty of concerts, but none will compare to Mayday Parade’s show in Omaha, NE this past year. I don’t know if it was the fact that i would be seeing my favorite band LIVE or maybe it was because i met them all before the show. Either way, nothing will compare to this show. It was on a level, no one would understand unless they have been to a show like this.

The one thing that stood out from this show was how reckless the crowd and performers were. The crowd moshed and crowd-surfed. While the performers stage-dived and crowd surfed. Stage-diving is dangerous, but apart of this music world. Being at Mayday’s show, I saw it all. I was at the front, right on the edge of the stage. I was bruised, sore, and surprised i didn’t have broken ribs by the end of the show.

I remember it like it was yesterday. One of the lead singers of an opening act said he was going to do flips off the stage is the crowd got really wild. He was apart of an unknown band, but i think that was the best part of shows. Is that when they are new and are surrounded by a group of people who love the same music, people will be wild anyway. He did a solid two flips off the stage and i lost him in the mess and then his stage manager came out, grabbed the cord to his mic, and as if it was planned the crowd lifted him up into the air and he looked like the statue on the top of a building.

I have no clue how he got back on stage, but he did. Even before then people were crowd surfing and the place was crazy, but it wasn’t until Mayday Parade came on where things would get outta hand. I understand that the debate on stage-diving is a tough one, but when is it enough?

When Mayday Parade came on stage, I knew the consequences of where i was standing. I was right next to the stage, people wanted that spot. I was pushed up against the stage, while the wind got knocked out of the girl next to me, and i was not about to give up my spot. I swear. Then for a split second things went black. I popped back up from the crowd and pushed everyone back. Someone was crowd surfing and knocked me in the back of the head. Where my face went straight into a speaker and I felt my teeth hit the edge of the stage. I tasted blood and in that moment i thought i had chipped a tooth. The person that was crowd surfing, was taken back and around to the crowd. What a crazy moment.

Other artists have made claims that stage-diving and crowd surfing is dangerous. Which is the only upsetting thing, because they want all of their fans to have a good experience at their show. Alas though, crowd-surfing and stage-diving is just part of the atmosphere about being there. Even at Warped Tour this past year, each stage had a sign that said: “No moshing/crowd surfing. You mosh, you crowd surf, you get hurt, we get sued, no more warped tour.” But in videos you can tell that people still did just that.

I was in that situation where i got hurt and i still don’t mind crowd surfing. Crowd surfing, stage-diving, and moshing are all at your own risk. Going to these shows you have to know what you’re getting yourself into. Personally, i don’t think it should be banned. It’s what made the experience fun and unforgettable. Just because one person is hurt and miserable doesn’t mean you have to make everyone miserable with you. Simply put.

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