What I want to do with my Journalism Minor

So, here at the Morningside Activities Council you may call me Princess Rice. Since i am the public relations officer.

At work, I’m called a model, but they know me by my number: 01832786

In the future, besides wanting to be a famous author, I want to be a manager at Hollister and hopefully make my way up that corporate ladder.

Besides that VERY solid plan, there’s actually something else that i want to do with my life.

I want to travel the world, listen to music, make friends with everyone everywhere. I don’t want to be stuck in one place. One dead end job, working during the day when all i want to do is write and live my life. I want to be in a place where i always feel welcomed, where i don’t have to follow anyone’s standards, but my own. SO….what is it that i want to do?

You may call me the Merch Bitch.

I understand that may not be the nicest name to call myself, but i feel like that is a proper term. I don’t know. I just feel like when dealing with a ton of crazy fans things will go insane and people will try to steal things while dealing with other people. So, being a bitch when necessary seems like a good idea. I could be a bitch an di could be the nicest person in the world, if i tried. Haha…no joke though being the merchandise girl for a band on tour. Seems like the perfect fit for me and I’m okay with that.

Write, travel, live, be with music, hang with bands. Can this be my life?

Nothing Lasts Forever, Not Even the Live Forever Tour

News Article – Media Comparison

The Vermillion based-band, Paradise Fears, wrapped up their first full-band headlining tour October 1st. Touring with opening acts Hollywood Ending, Against the Current, Nick Thomas and William Beckett, its sad having it all come to an end. Paradise Fears has been on 13 tours prior and switching roles from being an opening act to being the headlining performer was definitely an experience for the band. For the past two months, making 32 stops across the U.S.  they officially completed the tour in Minneapolis, MN.

The written part of the article strictly talks about the tour, traveling, a bit about how the band is doing, what we can look forward too, and to always keep your head up. When talking about the tour it mentions the audience and how they are on stage. Discussing travel and how the band is doing, Sam and Cole explain how they, as a band, get closer and just make due by always being around each other. Also adjusting to having a new drummer with them, but loving every second that they spend together, learning new things along the way. Then it mentions that they will be releasing a new album early 2015, for something fans can look forward to. Then to conclude the article it leaves you with positive comments and the last thought:

“Live it up. Tomorrow could be completely different.” -Cole Andre, Paradise Fears – Guitarist

Completely different from the article itself, is the interview that goes with it. While the article is a quick 5-10 minute read, the following interview was a whooping 27 minutes! The article follows the interview in chronological order, but a lot of it is cut out.

The 27 minute audio interview talks about about the band writing and covering music. How they find things by other artists really cool and what better way to get your name out there by covering songs that people already like. Just to make it a little different, they add in their own kind of life into it. They mention their Lorde cover, how they mashed-up the two songs, but added in their own verse. Breathing in their own kind of life into already popular songs.

Then they talk about their hometown, Vermillion, SD. Going into different memories, what they see now, and how it was home. Sam, the lead singer who now lives in LA, when he goes back says when he is there it is like he is walking through a place he knew. None of them feel like they are too big for Vermillion, because it will always be home. The place where it all began. It’s just a weird feeling being back there. Seeing people they knew, but now know nothing about.

Lastly, it went into college and if they could would they go back and actually go to college. This was mentioned in the article as well, but a solid point was proven by Andre. The band is a lot like college for them, as college is for us. While college gives us new opportunities and different doorways, the band gave them that exact opportunity.

How you can’t study something you hate. Applying this to Paradise Fears, how can they do something they hate?

We’ll hear more from Paradise Fears soon enough. After the second leg of their Live Forever Tour, stopping in 23 different places in the U.S. the boys deserve a break. They’ll be back at it soon enough, with an album coming out in early 2015. They don’t get a lot of time to themselves, but now it’s time for the boys to go get some rest. We just have to believe in them to get this album out on time.

“I intend to live forever. So far, so good.” – Steven Wright

Article and Audio Recording: http://volanteonline.com/2014/10/paradise-fears-wraps-first-full-band-headlining-tour-prepares-upcoming-album-release/

College Students and the Need for Sleep

Article #2 – Final

Sleep is important, but is it your top priority? As important as sleep is, getting the right amount of sleep is even more so. The average time the body needs to sleep is eight hours. Not saying everyone needs to sleep eight hours, it’s just the average. Carol Garvey, Morningside’s Nurse, says, “Seven to nine is rejuvenating.”

When asked if college students need a lot of sleep or not, Garvey replied: “Everybody needs the right amount of sleep. We know college students are way behind on sleep and it’s a cumulative year after year. You can never make up lost sleep.”




“You can never make up lost sleep.”

An interesting argument made by the nurse. Of course, not everyone has to believe it, but it does make a lot of sense. The body only works off of one night’s rest and does not retain sleep from other nights. This all has to do with the REM cycle. The REM Cycle is considered a full cycle of sleep for the body. Everyone gets to the REM Cycle at different points of sleep. Some may get a full night’s sleep at six hours, others at eight, maybe even some at five.

Paige McKern, a junior at Morningside College, is involved in a lot of things such as: holding the Secretary position on Morningside’s Student Government, Entrepreneurship member, a residence assistant in the Plex, manager at the Morningside Post Office, an associate at American Eagle, full-time student, involved in Morningside Activities Council, homecoming committee, and that’s just a few of them.

With her busy life style, she has a planner to keep her organized, and without it she would be lost. Between all of these things, she tries to get eight hours of sleep, but some days she is only able to get six. Paige says that she is able to function with six hours of sleep, but her best abilities are when she’s had eight.

An interesting idea: “If people used that hour in the day time, where they didn’t nap. Instead did their screen work, their homework, wouldn’t that buy you an hour in the evening to not do homework, but to sleep?” A point brought up by Garvey, because if you did your homework during the day instead of napped then you would then sleep better later. You would then sleep better when it was time for bed, because you wouldn’t have to worry about finishing your homework for it will already be done.

A way to get a good night’s rest, not only reduce the number of naps taken during the day, but practice good sleep hygiene. Good sleep hygiene is finding a nightly routine for you and sticking to it. This will help the body prepare itself for a good night’s sleep.

Some things that should be in the routine would be to wake up at the same time every day and on the weekend, wake up within the hour. Instead of napping during the day, do the procrastinated homework. Right before bed limit the amount of screen time you get and instead of staring at a screen, switch it out with a book. Also, don’t drink much or any caffeine or alcohol, because that will throw off the sleep cycle.

Take all of this with a grain of salt because everything affects people differently. There are a lot of rules to getting a good night’s sleep, but a good night’s rest never came easy. Now we leave with this quote from Paige McKern that everyone may relate to is: “Sleep is wonderful.”