Once Upon a Time is FROZEN!

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Once Upon a Time, the hit TV show from ABC, returned Sunday September 28th at 8/7c. This time introducing the character’s from Disney’s Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Frozen.

Once brings back not only the past beloved characters of: Emma the Savior, The Devilishly Charming Captain Hook, The Evil Queen Gone Good Regina, The Charming Family, and many others. Adding to the list of beloved characters, they have also introduced: Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Sven! Where’s Olaf?!

Just a warning, spoilers ahead.

The season 4 premiere switched back and forth between present day Storybrooke, flashbacks of Arendelle, and Rumple with Belle. In Storybrooke, Regina tries to come to terms with losing her true love once again, while Hook and Emma try to figure out what they are, and Elsa unknowingly wanders around scared and lost. While in the flashbacks the audience is taken to Arendelle, where Elsa is helping Anna out with her wedding day. Where a series of events leads Anna to make a decision to leave a day before her wedding to help out her sister.

I will never understand, why she left a day before the wedding, but she did.

Then between all of this, it switches to Belle and Rumple on their honeymoon. After they visit and pay their respects to Rumple’s son, Neil, grave. Saying that thanks to him, he will no longer be a villain, but a hero. Leaving, Belle and Rumple continue on their honeymoon and replay the iconic ball scene from Beauty and The Beast. While there, Rumple comes across an interesting box, which then he turns into the Sorcerer’s Hat from Fantasia. Leaving the audience on the edge of their seat making educated guesses on what may happen next.

What will happen next? Will Regina go back to her old ways? Will Emma and Hook figure things out? Will Elsa confront the gang? So many questions the season preimer left us with. The only thing we can do is wait until next week. Once Upon A Time airs on Sunday at 7pm on ABC.

Article: http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/09/28/once-upon-a-time-premiere-recap-elsa-storybrooke-anna-missing-frozen/

John Dodge on Music and Life on the Road

In an interview with the up-and-coming guitarist, singer, and songwriter. John Dodge talks about life on the road, struggles, and new upcoming music.

Last summer, John had gone on tour with soloist Jackson Browne, James Taylor, and best friend, Don Cooper. Thinking back to the tour, Dodge laughs saying that James had been a fan of Dodge for awhile and couldn’t believe that he was being asked to open for him. While Jackson Browne turned into a solid support system for the two, since they have never been on tour before. The tour began in New York at a local club known as the Trax.

Traveling, “It makes me more real, ” says Cooper, “It makes it feel like you’re livin’. When I’m on the road, I’m always stayin’ with friends. Travellin’ can really git ya down.” Continuing who when you are on tour that you’re with the same guys all the time. That you are never in one place long. Its always a constant flow of go. Things aren’t as glamorous as people make it out to be, it does get rough after a while.

“We love each other and we fight all the time,” Dodge says, “That’s the way we work, it’s all ultimately positive. Writing songs together ain’t easy. We’re writing quite a few, but it’s tough. But it’s worth it.”

But then their are people who claim that Dodge is nothing, but original. Some critics have even come to the conclusion that he may steal some of his songs from his fellow tour group. To which Dodge replies that no matter what you do or say, no one will ever be content. He isn’t hugely famous, he’s fresh meat to get picked on. He has a fan base and a few bad comments from some bullies are not going to stop him from performing.

They haven’t been around long and their is a ton of music already put out in the world. It is hard not to repeat the same cliche lyrics, but everyone gets their inspiration from somewhere. Dodge claims that all his songs are original and that it is just pure coincidence that it sounds like another person’s work. He may work back and forth with the others and get help form them, but the “creative tension” builds as the group molds a new song.

“We will be recording this Spring,” John shares about new music with Don Cooper, “Together we’re ‘Don Juan,'” he laughs, “That’s our name. There will be a product in the streets- on the airwaves, we hope-by the end of the summer.”

Keep your ears open new and old fans. Don Juan will have new things out by the end of this summer and you don’t want to miss out.

United States Bombs Syria

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The US Army, bombed ISIS in Syria. Its not very often we bomb countries. Sometimes, when there is a terrorist group we have to do bad things and other people will get hurt in a way we don’t want it to. ISIS is dumb and killing gets people nowhere. Occasionally, things work out and people get the hint and stop doing bad things. Other times though, things happen like bombings and people get even more upset. Thanks America.

Where will all this go?

Interview with the Plex Area Coordinator

Object: A conversation about someone’s pet peeve.

Samuel Clary, dressed in khakis and a nice plaid dress shirt is chilling at his desk working on an e-mail before I came to interview him. He is the new to Morningside’s campus is the new Area Coordinator of the Plex. With an additional new title of Student Development Coordinator. He enjoys his new home and job here at Morningside along with his new job. He did something close to what he is doing now, back in college. So, its nice to be making a career out of it.

One of his hobbies include:

“Working.” he laughed.

He thinks of himself to be a hard worker, but when he isn’t working he likes to sit outside on campus. He says that he is really into nature. He also likes to go to the HPER, he said Morningside is a very active campus, so it really inspired him to get in shape. Other then that, he likes spending time with his residents and putting on fun programs he hopes everyone enjoys.

When I asked Sam what his pet peeve was, he smiled and then went into a full blown laugh. Sam seemed like a pretty chill guy and I didn’t really think he had anything that bothered him, but without missing a beat. Sam said that his biggest pet peeve is: “I don’t like it when people are late and that includes myself.” I laughed and could only agree with him, it makes sense. I do understand why that would be his pet peeve, having a lot to do myself. I don’t want people wasting my time. He says, “I really like it if people told me that they were going to be late, so I’m not waiting.”

Samuel has a list of pet peeves:

  • People being late.
  • Others not falling through with responsibly.
  • When people don’t take serious topics seriously.

After he stated a pet peeve, he always added, “…for myself as well.” I wondered why and he told me that he holds himself to a standard and would like people to treat him the way he treats other people. Which is how life should work.

This is just a bit of Sam Clary, but there is always more than in this post.

Mat Franco Wins America’s Got Talent

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Mat Franco, one of six finalists, is the first and only magician to have ever gone this far in America’s Got Talent (AGT) and has gone even farther by winning the entire competition. Winning the competition, by the number of votes cast by viewers, was all up to America. The Rhode Island Native won America over and became the winner of Season Nine. Winning Mat receives a million dollar grand prize along with a chance to headline a show in Vegas.

Franco is a self-taught magician and has been interested in magic since age 4. Magic consumes his life 24/7, but he loves what he does. He is from Johnston, RI and now lives in Newport, his grandma has always been his biggest fan. A Business (Marketing) graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a minor in Communication Studies. Mat was able to morph his obsession with magic into a career. Adorable, cheeky, and fun Mat Franco tours college campuses and is recognized for creating interactive presentations. Such as impressing the judges on AGT with his close-up magic.

Congratulations on the win, Mat!

Catch him on Morningside’s Campus, November 7th.

Article: http://www.turnto10.com/story/26553738/magician-mat-franco-hopes-final-performance-does-the-trick // http://www.nj.com/entertainment/tv/index.ssf/2014/09/americas_got_talent_2014_finale_mat_franco_acroarmy_emily_west_winner.html

Mat’s Website, Twitter, and Facebook

Riot Fest!

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Its September, which means its time for Riot Fest! Riot Fest is unlike any other music festival where bands and singers of the same genre come together to perform. Instead Riot Fest is full of, according to Alternative Press Magazine, “Insane lineups of unexpected reunions and legends rubbing shoulders with up-and-comers.” Riot Fest only performs in three locations: Toronto, Chicago, and Denver. During the show, some of the line-ups overlap, but you are always sure to see the Cure, Taking Back Sunday, Rise Against, Bring Me The Horizon, New Found Glory, City And Colour, Social Distortion and more.

Some bands may only be there for a one of the three Riot Fests. These eight bands exclusively will only be at the Denver show: 3OH!3, A Day To Remember, Big Freedia, Brick + Mortar, Strung Out, Sublime With Rome, Touche Amore, and TV On The Radio. The Denver show is September 19th-21st. Get your tickets here, NOW!

The Amount of Sleep You Need

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Eight. Seven. The magic number is eight. How much sleep is enough sleep? It’s a commonly asked question: how long should I sleep? “We’ve heard the magic number 8,” says Sumathi Reddy of the Wall Street Journal, “but experts are working to come up with a more refined, evidence-based answer.” How much sleep is the perfect amount of sleep? The number eight is the standard for a healthy sleeping routine. When really the amount of sleep someone needs, varies person to person.

Dr. Michael J. Breus from the Huffington Post commented: “Although eight hours is the number most often associated with a full night’s sleep, sleep experts know that there is some degree of variation when it comes to individual sleep needs.” Then there are some people who say the magic number is seven and not eight as everyone had believed. “Several sleep studies have found that seven hours is the optimal amount of sleep,” Reddy explains in her article, “Although many doctors question that conclusion.”

Sleep needs vary across different ages and are also impacted differently by lifestyle. Dr. Dongen, a sleep expert, in an interview with Julia Belluz on Vox shares that having eight hours or more of sleep has been shown to be hazardous. So, then the number of hours for sleep has been changed to seven? Although the number has always been eight, but getting eight or more hours of sleep is dangerous! Which is it?

Sleep experts find it to be very tricky, if not misleading, to tell people a certain number to sleep that may or may not be best for them. WebMD agrees with the National Sleep Association stating: “The amount of sleep needed to function the next day varies from individual to individual.”

Knowing that sleep varies from individual to individual, suggests that the seven to eight-hour model may not be ideal sleep time for everyone. Experts advise patients to aim for seven to eight hours of sleep a night, to evaluate how they feel afterwards and that once they evaluate how they feel. They should then adjust the amount of sleep they would like to get from there. Do they function better with six hours of sleep or seven? Or do they function better with seven then six?

Reddy has a specific recommendation on how to achieve that perfect amount of sleep. She states “Experts say people should be able to figure out their optimal amount of sleep in a trial of three days to a week, ideally while on vacation.” How you can do that is to not use an alarm clock. Go to sleep when you are tired. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, and stay off electronic devices a couple of hours before going to bed. During this trial period, track your sleep with something that records your actual sleep time. You know your perfect sleep time if you wake up feeling refreshed and awake during the day.

This recommendation is meant to help guide someone to find their perfect sleep state. It will change over time, because your lifestyle will change. The amount of sleep someone gets declines as they get older. Kids sleep more than adults and the amount of sleep adults get has been declining over the past few years. The older the person gets the more or less sleep they will need. There will never be a firmly set sleep duration number.

Once one has found the perfect sleep time, it is also important to practice good sleep hygiene. Good sleep hygiene includes consistent bed times and wake times. Sleep in a dark and cool environment and have some quiet time away from bright lights and electronics an hour before going to sleep. Create a sleep-friendly environment and routine. Also give yourself plenty of time for rest. Eventually your body will tell you a great deal about how much sleep you need.

In the end, Dr. Breus says: “The right amount of sleep is always going to be personal and individual determination.” The most important information in determining your sleep needs is what your body and mind is telling you. Pay attention to how much and how well you’re sleeping at night. Also pay attention to how you feel during the day. There is no magic sleep number. Just a number unique to your sleep routine as unique as you.

Mat Franco America’s Got Talent Finalist

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Next Tuesday night at 9/8c is the finals of Season 9 of America’s Got Talent. Where Mat Franco and five other contestants will be competing for a $1 million dollar grand prize. Performing next week, as well, is: Emily West, AcroArmy, Quintavious Johnson, Sons of Serendip, and Miguel Dakota.

Why care so much that Mat Franco has made it to the finals of America’s Got Talent and not the others?

Well, Mat Franco will be on Morningside’s Campus November 7th!

Watch his auditions here.

Mat’s Vegas Act here.

His audition tape to get him to the semifinals here.

Last Night’s Performance to get him to the finals here.

I promise that you will not be disappointed.

So, next Tuesday at 8pm tune in on NBC, Channel 4 with cable and cheer on the finalists. Vote for your favorite to win here. Not saying vote for Mat Franco, but you should consider it. Chillest dude you’ll ever meet.

Mat’s Facebook and Twitter.

Car Crash Leaves One Dead

A collision of two vehicles at 11am, yesterday, leaves one man dead with three survivors. Two miles east of South Sioux City on Hwy. 20 the impact had sent both vehicles into the ditch on the north side of the road. According to highway patrolman Patric Steward, both vehicles were proceeding in a westerly direction on the two-lane highway. The deceased had passed Radin, in the other vehicle, but his rear-end struck Radin as he attempted to complete the pass.

Three survivors were transported by ambulance to Marian Health Center. The injured included two passengers in the rolled vehicle: Dorothy Quick, 61, also of South Sioux City and Maxine Steuerwald, 43, of Lawton. Along with Randy Radin, 17 of Sioux City. Dorothy is reported in “good” condition, Maxine is in “fair” condition, and Radin is listed as “critical” with a fractured skull and internal injuries.

The deceased, as revealed by the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office, a resident of South Sioux City is Moyer Quick at age 65.

The accident, which is still under investigation, occurred under cloudy skies with rain in the forecast while the road was clear and dry. The relationship of the Quicks and Steuerwald is unknown.

The Four Articles I Used

Is 7 Hours of Sleep Ideal?

Dr. Michael J. Breus


Eight hours of sleep was the recommendation most doctors gave, but then the number changed to seven. Dr. Breus suggests, “The eight-hour model may not be the ideal one for most healthy adults.” We’ve been told that eight hours is the number when it comes to getting a full night’s sleep. We have always been told to get roughly eight hours of sleep, no more and no less. Now, instead of being told that we need eight hours of sleep the number became seven. When really the amount of sleep one needs, varies from individual to individual.

No one can determine the perfect amount of sleep time for everyone, according to the article: “The right amount of sleep is always going to be a personal and individual determination.” It’s better for you to determine the amount of sleep you get. Instead of getting the amount of sleep someone told you to get, you need to find the perfect amount of sleep for you to feel energized to take on the day. Adjusting when needed, needing less the older you get.

Why Seven Hours of Sleep Might Be Better Than Eight

Sumathi Reddy


Talking about the amount of sleep a person should get, but then coming to the conclusion that one should just figure it out on their own. The article starts off with questioning how much sleep is enough sleep and how scientists are trying to find another answer. Reddy shares: “Several sleep studies have found that seven hours is the optimal amount of sleep” Scientist try coming up with several conclusions, but in the end questioning the conclusion.

There is no single number for the amount of sleep an individual should get. Instead that one should figure out the amount they should sleep for themselves. In the article: “Experts say people should be able to figure out their optimal amount of sleep in a trial of three days to a week, ideally while on vacation.” It then goes into explanation on what people can do to achieve that. In the end, the average amount of sleep people get is 7.2hours, but that isn’t the number for everybody.

Teens Need Later Start to School Day, Doctors Group Says

Sumathi Reddy


Talking about teenagers, “Surveys show that teenagers are chronically sleep deprived.” Reddy explains in her article that teenagers have difficult and complex schedules that leave them getting less sleep and them falling asleep in class. Not saying that adults don’t have complex schedules, but teenagers are still growing. Then it explains how school should start later in the day.

Besides having complex schedules, there are also biological changes associated with puberty that cause teens to get tired later at night. According to this article by Sumathi Reddy, “The changes can start in middle school and can shift a child’s bedtime by as much as two hours.” So, along with having complex schedules and homework, the changes in their bodies are keeping teenagers awake. Not saying that teenagers have to sleep a certain amount of time, but they require more sleep to function then adults do.

How much sleep do you really need? A sleep scientist explains

Julia Belluz


In this article, Julia Belluz, interviews a sleep scientist, Dr. Hans Van Dongen, about how much sleep a person actually needs. This article and the one asking if seven hours of sleep is ideal, links back to Reddy’s Wall Street Journal article on why seven hours of sleep is better than eight. Belluz shares before her interview that people who tend to sleep seven hours have the best health, but then concludes her introduction with: “One expert even made this frightening statement: “Eight hours or more has consistently been shown to be hazardous.””

In the article, she asks questions about sleep and he firmly starts that there is no magic sleep number. Instead that you need to take care of yourself and find the perfect amount of sleep for you. For six hours may be enough for you, but not enough for the next person. He then explains that not getting the right amount of sleep not only makes you groggy, but it becomes difficult to regulate your emotions. Dr. Dongen states: We have to regulate our emotions all the time, and without sleep, that becomes very challenging.” Without sleep the brain becomes unstable and emotions tend to take over. In the end, everything is up to you and whenever someone tries to regulate your sleeping pattern. Ignore them.