How Much Sleep is Enough Sleep

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How much sleep is the perfect amount of sleep? According to WebMD: “An average adult needs between 7.5 and 8 hours of sleep per night, but many people can function with 6 hours of sleep and there also some who need 9 hours or more.” The nightly sleep recommendation we’ve been told is 8. That number, we’ve been told, is the standard for a healthy sleeping routine. When really the amount of sleep someone needs, varies person to person.

It’s a commonly asked question: how much sleep is enough sleep? How long should I sleep? “We’ve heard the magic number 8,” says Sumathi Reddy of the Wall Street Journal, “but experts are working to come up with a more refined, evidence-based answer.”

Why is a commonly asked question? Going to bed late and waking up early, most people wake up groggy, but without a lot of sleep not only is one groggy throughout the entire day, it makes it more difficult to regulate emotions. Humans have to regulate their emotions all the time and without sleep that becomes challenging. Not only does regulating one’s emotions become a problem, but the consequence of sleep loss is that the brain becomes unstable. Basically without sleep, people are cranky and are unable to function. People don’t like cranky people or being cranky, so they want to know the perfect amount of time they should sleep.

Dr. Michael J. Breus from the Huffington Post said: “Although eight hours is the number most often associated with a full night’s sleep, sleep experts know that there is some degree of variation when it comes to individual sleep needs.” Research from The National Sleep Foundation says: “Sleep needs vary across ages and are especially impacted by lifestyle and health.”

Some say the magic number is seven and not eight as everyone had believed. “Several sleep studies have found that seven hours is the optimal amount of sleep,” Reddy explains in her article, “Although many doctors question that conclusion.”

According to Julia Belluz and her interview with sleep scientist Hans Van Dongen on Vox: “Seven hours is the new eight hours when it comes to sleep. According to a Wall Street Journal article published yesterday, people who live the longest in the best health get seven hours. One expert even made this frightening statement: “Eight hours or more has consistently been shown to be hazardous.” Now the number is seven although the number had always been eight, but getting eight or more hours of sleep is dangerous! Which is it?

Hans finds it to be very tricky, if not misleading, to tell people a certain number to sleep that may or may not be best for them. As the National Sleep Association mentioned before and WebMD agrees that: “The amount of sleep needed to function the next day varies from individual to individual.”

Knowing that sleep varies from individual to individual, that suggests that the seven to eight-hour model may not be ideal sleep time for everyone. Reddy explains that, “Dr. Morgenthaler advises patients to aim for seven to eight hours of sleep a night and to evaluate how they feel.” And that once they evaluate how they feel when they get up, adjust the amount of sleep they would like to get from there.

A recommendation from Reddy on how to achieve that perfect amount of sleep: “Experts say people should be able to figure out their optimal amount of sleep in a trial of three days to a week, ideally while on vacation. Don’t use an alarm clock. Go to sleep when you get tired. Avoid too much caffeine or alcohol. And stay off electronic devices a couple of hours before going to bed. During the trial, track your sleep with a diary or a device that records your actual sleep time. If you feel refreshed and awake during the day, you’ve probably discovered your optimal sleep time.”

The recommendation is meant to help guide someone to find their perfect sleep state. It will change over time, because one will have to account with the issues such as gender and age. Reddy would also like to share that, “Biological changes associated with puberty result in a shift in circadian rhythms, causing adolescents to get tired later at night, sleep experts say. The changes can start in middle school and can shift a child’s bedtime by as much as two hours.”

The amount of sleep someone gets decline as they get older, kids sleep more than adults, and the amount of sleep that adults get in general has been declining over the past few years. I’ts hard to set a particular sleep duration because it will never be firmly established for one person. The older the person gets the more or less sleep they will need. There will never be a firmly set sleep duration number.

Dogen also states in his interview with Julia that: “We also know that the amount of sleep you need depends on circumstances. For example, you may need more sleep when you have lost sleep in previous days, or when your immune system needs to battle an infection, or when you are going to be taking on a particularly difficult or safety-sensitive task the next day. The science is clearly telling us that it’s not so simple as a single number.”

In the end, Dr. Breus says: “The right amount of sleep is always going to be personal and individual determination. The most important information in determining your sleep needs is what your body and mind tell you. Pay attention to how much (and how well) you’re sleeping at night, and also pay attention to how you feel during the day. A sufficient night of sleep should leave you feeling alert and energized throughout the bulk of the day, and ready for bed at roughly the same time every night.”

Once one has found the perfect sleep time, it is also important to practice good sleep hygiene. According to Breus: “That includes consistent bed times and wake times, a dark, cool, and comfortable bedtime, and quiet time away from bright light and electronics in the hour before bed. Give yourself ample time for sleep, and create a sleep-friendly environment and routine, and your body can tell you a great deal about how much sleep you need.”

In the end, there is no magic sleep number. Just a number unique to your sleep routine as unique as you.

Paradise Fears New Music Video: ‘You to Believe In’

I now understand what it means to be timely with the news. Although it is new, it is hardly new news anymore. Paradise Fears posted their new music video ‘You to Believe In’ on September 3rd. It is now the 5th and it is hardly new. Now, I understand about being timely. Paradise Fears posting a new music video and making an article about it three days later, makes me look bad. Now, its just old news. People already know about it and have already posted their reactions. I missed my chance.

So when something new comes out, the sooner it is reported the better. Then after maybe do a reaction story or even a critique. Right now though, it is too late to post about Paradise Fears’ new music video. Live and learn.


Overturned Gasoline Truck Floods Sewer Lines

Texaco gasoline truck overturned on the outskirts of town at 48th St and Correctionville Road. Gas floods sewer lines for two blocks around, also on streets and ditches. Situation is serious for two or more hours until gas gets flushed away. In the meantime, cars are rerouted through side streets.

Fire Chief Charles Hochandel says: “The fireman followed catastrophe and hazmat procedures set up beforehand for such an occurrence.” Four families were evacuated because of sewer-line gas. No reported casualties. Situation is under control.

Summertime Rowdiness Hits East High School Early

Its been a troubling last few weeks at East High School before summer break, having to suspend a number of students. Five disgruntled students were suspended Monday, for a week, after they were caught smoking marijuana in the school parking lot. While last Wednesday, the school had sounded three false alarms. The culprits are thought to be the five disgruntled students, but are unable to be linked to the false alarms sounding last Wednesday.

Ten upperclassmen from East High were also suspended for a week. They were suspended for protesting the suspension of the five disgruntled students that Monday. The following day, Tuesday, a food fight broke out in the cafeteria. Having to settle things down in the chaos and after evacuating the students. The cafeteria and dining area was closed for the remainder of the day for clean-up. East High’s principal, Laura Vibelius, says: “Not so much unrest because of suspensions, but because of summer vacation being so near.”

She sees no continuation of these ‘incidents’ the next school year.

Firefighter Breaks Leg Trying to Save Cat

A calico cat was stuck in a 50 foot oak tree today at 102 11th Ave. The cat belong to the twins Suzanne and Samantha Decker. Daughters of Charlie and Kim Decker.

Approaching the scene, Firefighter Bob Harwood, immediately begins to climb the 50 foot oak tree for the calico. All was well getting to the cat and retrieving her was even easier. Mishaps only occurring on the way down for the firefighter. Coming down and standing on a dead limb, Bob drops the last 15 feet. On the ground Harwood was retrieved by paramedics and sent immediately to St. Luke’s hospital. There it was confirmed that he only broke his left leg and that he is doing just fine.

As for the calico, when Bob fell from the dead limb breaking under him. The cat had fallen as well, but had instead of breaking a leg she had landed on top of Bob. Miss Calico Kitty is doing fine.

Hello Rachel

Rachel is a very adventurous person. Whose biggest adventure, recently, was going to Ireland. She likes to meet new people and to go to new places. Coming from Grand Rapids, SD and going to college in Sioux City, IA. Anywhere but here, is the place to be. She is a senior at Morningside College who is a photography and graphic design double major. Besides loving to travel, she is also on the soccer team and in her free time likes to read.

Read More About Rachel Here!

Epic Summary

Epic IMDb: A teenager finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place. She bands together with a rag-tag group of characters in order to save their world — and ours.

Part One: Is where some of the characters from the other universe is introduced. Then we get to meet the main character, MK, and learn about her life. Before things take a sour turn for the adventure to begin.

Part Two: After the queen leaves and MK has been transported into another universe, she has to team up with the soldiers from the other dimension to help save her own and to go back home. The second part ends when the pod is stolen by the bad guy.

Part Three: Beginning the third part, the crew needs to sneak into the bad guys’ lair and steal back the pod. During this time MK goes back home, still apart of the other dimension, and realizes that her dad was right all along. Once they retrieve the pod, it is now time for it to bloom, but the bad guys are going to do everything in its power to stop it.

Video Production Class: 9/8/14

Watched: Epic

examples of 3 act structure: transported, pod stolen, pod returns and then blooms

inciting events: The queen dies and the pod is transferred to main character

types of act 2 conflict: pod stolen by bad guy

conflict resolved? How? – yes. pod blooms.

Persona 5

The story with the release to Persona 5 is a good lead because it tells you everything you need to know about the game’s release. The first sentence says what game system it will be for. Right after that it is followed by the estimated time the game will be released, in this case late 2014. This article has a good lead because everything you need to know about a new and upcoming game is right at the beginning. It then goes into a little background history about the series and then it states that they are unsure if the game will be available on other systems besides the PlayStation. This article is good because everything you are wondering about the game is answered right away once you open the article.


Future Plans

Here are my plans for the future:

  • Graduate from Morningside with a major in English with a minor in Journalism.
  • Work as a manager at Hollister for about two years.
  • Transfer to a Hollister in Seattle.
  • Move to Seattle with my best friend.
  • Write an awesome book.
  • Become rich and famous.
  • Pay off Student Debt, pay off Tiffany’s debt, have a saving account for my child, and then pay off Casey Evans and Daniel Garcia’s student loans.

Sounds pretty legit.

But then, sometimes your best friend decides to surprise everyone with a Facebook announcement that he is going to be a dad. At first I was upset because I have this plan that I will now have to incorporate a child into. Not even my own child, but his. Then I was thinking about him and knowing him he’d never leave the child behind, but would his baby momma want to come with us to Seattle? How would she feel about a guy friend and a girl friend who had history move out together?

Took me a day to accept it, but I did. Congratulations, I thought. With a click of my mouse, I liked the status.

Not even an hour later, just kidding!

Zack you prick. Seattle is still on.

A Blog About My 2nd Cousins

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

For the weekend, my cousin and his kids came by to say hi and hangout. It was fun and a bit mind-boggling. Simply because kids are interesting creatures. I love kids, but I’ve been told that it looks like I hate kids. Rude. Well either way I miss them and here’s how they return my love:

“Should I eat the pancakes?”

“Yes! They are poisonous!”

“I feel loved.”

But then, this happened:

“And don’t forget that I have 15 girlfriends!”

And the number just keeps going up and up, but then down. How strange. And his older brother only has one, but he gives her dead birds as a gift. That boy is a catch. I would love to sit and talk with a little kid or one of them. They work in such strange ways. I wish I could remember what it was like being a kid. Keeping my all of my thoughts in a journal.

Then I thought, why is it okay for boys to have girlfriends at a young age, but not girls?

No one knew the answer and I don’t want to ask my dad. I suppose some things are better with no answers.