Firefighter Breaks Leg Trying to Save Cat

A calico cat was stuck in a 50 foot oak tree today at 102 11th Ave. The cat belong to the twins Suzanne and Samantha Decker. Daughters of Charlie and Kim Decker.

Approaching the scene, Firefighter Bob Harwood, immediately begins to climb the 50 foot oak tree for the calico. All was well getting to the cat and retrieving her was even easier. Mishaps only occurring on the way down for the firefighter. Coming down and standing on a dead limb, Bob drops the last 15 feet. On the ground Harwood was retrieved by paramedics and sent immediately to St. Luke’s hospital. There it was confirmed that he only broke his left leg and that he is doing just fine.

As for the calico, when Bob fell from the dead limb breaking under him. The cat had fallen as well, but had instead of breaking a leg she had landed on top of Bob. Miss Calico Kitty is doing fine.


  1. You’re doing this as a “Once upon a time story,” Diane.
    Turn it upside down so that the “news”–fireman breaks leg
    (which is in your headline)–becomes the lead.

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