Interview with Mayday Parade’s Derek Sanders

News Article! (because i need to do some writing to just get my mind off of things)

Mayday Parade, a band from Tallahassee, is currently on their Honeymoon Tour. Called the Honeymoon Tour because they started the tour directly right after Jeremy Lenzo, the bassist, was married. His wifey went to the first few shows with them to celebrate their new marriage, but then went back home. In this article, they caught up with Derek, the lead singer, and it wasn’t headed anywhere.

The article seemed scattered and it was hard to keep interest. I wanted to read it because Derek is the singer of one of my favorite bands, but when I started reading it, it was hard to stay into it. The interviewer just seemed awkward and jumped from question to question. There wasn’t any flow to any of it. It jumped from performing, to recording, to Halloween and there was no easy transition into things. It wasn’t one of the better interview articles I’ve read, but learning about upcoming things was nice.

So, what i learned from this article is find a flow and stick to it. Steer people in the direction you want them to go and then find a way to transition into certain questions that you want answers for. Being an interviewer, its easier said then done, but its just one of those things you have to work on and keep improving at. I feel like you’ll have really good interviews, but other times you’ll get really sucky ones. You just want more good then bad and practice makes perfect.



  1. This is good, Diane. I agree about the interview/er. It’s not all that
    different from most celebrity interviews, however. It’s aimed at
    fans (maybe you), who will be attracted to the story’s subject,
    and may not mind the lack of substance. You seem to be looking
    for more, and that’s good.

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