Bring Me The Horizon Releases New Music Video “Drown”

News Article!

Earlier this month Bring Me the Horizon, a death metal, grindcore, emo unit, announced that they would be releasing their first post-Sempiternal single, “Drown.” Sempiternal, their fourth full-length album, was released in 2013. The music video was just released today and can be watched here.

The track will be officially released December 9th and is currently up for pre-order on iTunes.


Reviewing this article, it is short and simple to the point. Its starts off just saying that the band has released a new song as well as a new music video for it. Which is now my new jam, just adding. Then it goes into how you can get the song and then to share our thoughts on the video. Then the last paragraph talks about their last album and the award they won for it and then a link to the article about his acceptance speech.

What else is there to be said about music? If you like the band, you like the band and there is no need to get that much into the back story of it all. Perks of reading online, you can look for things you want to read.


  1. It’s essentially a press release: “Hey, we did a song. Listen to it.”
    It’s all for the fans.

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