Announced! Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6

News Article!

The one thing I’ve learned about music articles is that there aren’t much to them.

Talking about the release of a new song, its talks about the last time the band released a song and then it goes into something else about the artist and a bit about what they’ve been up to and then it goes back to the song and when it will be released.

The article is always longer when its about having an interview with a band member about whatever. Sometimes the entire interview will be there and other times it won’t be.

When talking about releasing a new music video, its just like talking about a song. Albums on the other hand are a little bit different.

This article was about Fearless Records releasing another Punk Goes Pop album. Which is basically punk, rock, and metal bands come together and cover on the radio songs. In the article it talks about who is going to be on the album and following it is the track list.

Music articles are all the same, straight and to the point and i find that to be really nice. When it comes to music i like to read about some things when i’m in the mood for it. We’re all busy so, when the headline is about a new CD and i just want to know the generals about it, the article gives me that.

Something for me to work on: short and to the point.



  1. Not much to them? Depends on the article. Mostly you’re looking
    at promotional stuff. (Isn’t that all AltPress is?) You could always
    try Rolling Stone.

    Best Frank Zappa quote ever: “Most rock journalism is people who
    can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who
    can’t read.” (Intended to be funny)

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