Morningside People, News / May 7, 2021 Long Journey Home for Morningside’s International Students

by Emily Rotthaler–As the semester is comes to an end, Morningside’s international students are preparing for traveling back to their home countries. Countries that may be fighting their battles against COVID-19 with various different approaches. Efforts to regulate the pandemic are all across the board in Europe. Germany is entering another hard lockdown while countries...

Morningside People, News / May 7, 2021 A difficult year soon to close for graduating seniors

by Hailey Barrus–A cap, a gown, and a pandemic? As the school year comes to an end, Morningside seniors are preparing for graduation on May 15th. This is a luxury that the seniors of 2020 did not get to enjoy due to the global pandemic. A year later, Morningside has experienced several precautions, made vaccines...

Morningside People / April 29, 2021 A Professor’s Advice to a Graduating Senior

by Abby Koch-As the year is winding down, final projects are being turned in and the last events of the year at Morningside College act as benchmarks before finals. It is now a countdown until the Class of 2021 walks across the stage to collect their degree at graduation. Graduating seniors eagerly look at their...

Features, Morningside People / April 26, 2021 AOPi volunteers at Shine Thru/Drive Thru

by Ashley Duncan–Night to shine is a prom held by Sunnybrook Community Church for people with special needs. Each year Sunnybrook has this prom, but due to COVID, it could not be held last year. This year they created a Shine Thru/Drive Thru prom themed drive by celebration/parade.  The prom is supported by the church,...

Features, Morningside People, News / October 19, 2020 Queen Material: Macie Moore ’21

By Mari Pizzini – Crowning Homecoming Queen can often end as a popularity contest, but what if Morningside’s 2020 Queen was crowned because of her heart and attitude more than her popularity? That seems to be the case for Macie Moore. Moore’s path from Morningside freshman to Homecoming Queen has been filled with growth and...

Morningside People, News / February 21, 2020 Van Vliet shares her faith

by Mari Pizzini– Andy Nelson and Campus Ministries continued their M’side Chapel: Student Faith Stories series on Wednesday, February 12, in the Yockey Room. A small number of students, faculty, and staff gathered for twenty minutes to pray, sing, and hear Taylor Van Vliet, a junior at Morningside, give her faith testimony. When originally approached...

Arts & Entertainment, Features, Morningside People / February 7, 2020 Student’s art brightens up campus library

by Tracie Tuttle – It’s no secret that senior Wanying (Angela) Chen likes creating one-of-a-kind works of art. She is best known for her unique watercolor and acrylic paintings and distinctive photographs, which are currently brightening up the hallways outside of the Spoonholder Café and the Safety and Security Office in the HJF Learning Center....

Features, Morningside People / January 28, 2020 Kiki Bennett: ODK Student of the Month

by Mari Pizzini – Mackenzie “Kiki” Bennett has been chosen as January’s Student of the Month. The college’s chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) cast their votes in Bennett’s favor at their January 19 meeting. Student of the Month is awarded to a Morningside student who shows dedication to the college through his/her involvement both...

Morningside People, Sports / December 23, 2019 Job of the Squad

by Abby Koch--The Morningside cheer and dance teams have been there at the sidelines of every home football game. Along with watching the football team play, the cheer and dance teams are crucial in leading the crowd.

Morningside People, Photo / December 22, 2019 Mustang fans gather in Louisiana

by Abby Koch--Before NAIA championship game kickoff in Louisiana, Mustang fans gathered from all over and showed off their best signs.

Morningside People

Koach Kommes
Features, Morningside People

Koach Kommes

by Abby Koch–Through an opportunity with the men’s basketball team, senior Kyle Kommes has built up experience coaching and developing players. Kommes has been a part of the coaching staff for the team for now five years. But before helping with Morningside’s basketball team, he was helping with his high school basketball team.

Krista Waite Finds Future Not So Far Away
Morningside People

Krista Waite Finds Future Not So Far Away

By Iandra Estupinian–The 2018-2019 school year has come to an end. Now Morningside seniors are preparing to walk the graduation stage and collecting their degree. With everything that ends, there must be new beginnings. For these seniors, that means taking that next big step and entering the real world to find a job or new…

Through the Lens: Student Photographer Ashlee Brus
Morningside People

Through the Lens: Student Photographer Ashlee Brus

By Cynthia Monroy–Ashlee Brus is a freshman majoring in photography who has proven to be successful in her craft. Born and raised in Denison, Iowa, she discovered her passion for photography throughout her 4-H career; she began capturing photos of nature and was inspired by photographers across the world to shoot portraits. Brus says attending…

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