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Thursday August 22nd 2019

Arts & Entertainment

Eco Art: Beauty With a Message Eco Art: Beauty With a Message »

By Tracie Tuttle--Art can be many different things: pretty, expressive, abstract. Art can also lead to [...]

Paint By Number: Not Just a Child’s Pastime Paint By Number: Not Just a »

By Tracie Tuttle--Known for its stress–relieving qualities, paint by number has made a lasting [...]

The Legacy of Bob Ross The Legacy of Bob Ross »

By Tracie Tuttle--Happy trees, little clouds, no mistakes, Bob Ross has certainly made a lasting [...]


One-Hour Photos »

One-Hour Photos

Tuesday (April 16) was a fine day to go outside and take pictures. Sophomore Mari Pizzini and Sophomore Taylor Van Vliet working hard in the writing [Read More]

Morningside People

Krista Waite Finds Future Not So Far Away Krista Waite Finds »

By Iandra Estupinian--The 2018-2019 school year has come to an end. Now Morningside [...]

Through the Lens: Student Photographer Ashlee Brus Through the Lens: »

By Cynthia Monroy--Ashlee Brus is a freshman majoring in photography who has proven to be [...]

Cross Country, Mumm, Graduates with Biology Major Cross Country, »

photo by Mike Byrnes by Jesseca Ormond- Michelle Mumm is a part of both the cross [...]


A Trip to the Market

A Trip to the Market

By Iandra Estupinian--The Sioux City Farmers Market season has come again, starting May 1st and ending October 27. Conveniently located just past the Tyson Events Center in downtown Sioux City, you can find many friendly vendors selling fresh and organic goodies. The Farmers Market is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 1:00 [...]

An Unlikely Hobby: Thrift Shopping

An Unlikely Hobby: Thrift Shopping

By Tracie Tuttle--Second-hand shopping is a necessity for many people, especially college students or people on a budget. You can often find some really great deals on almost anything, from clothing to cookware to decoration for next year’s dorm or apartment. There are several reasons why second-hand shopping could be your next [...]

One Last Time…Avengers Assemble!

One Last Time…Avengers Assemble!

By Iandra Estupinian--Marvel Studio’s final installment of the Avengers series, Avengers: Endgame, was released worldwide on April 26th, 2019–breaking box office records with $1.22 million during its opening week. The last installment of the series is a little over three hours full of old and new characters, action, comedy, [...]