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Monday April 22nd 2019

Arts & Entertainment

The Legacy of Bob Ross The Legacy of Bob Ross »

By Tracie Tuttle--Happy trees, little clouds, no mistakes, Bob Ross has certainly made a lasting [...]

Setting Up an Art Show Setting Up an Art Show »

By Tracie Tuttle--Setting up an art show is more than just hanging art on a wall, it includes a lot of [...]

Slam Poet Talks Feminism, »

By Lindsey Smith--It was a pretty silent room Thursday night as slam poet Gabriela Garcia Medina took the [...]


One-Hour Photos »

One-Hour Photos

Tuesday (April 16) was a fine day to go outside and take pictures. Sophomore Mari Pizzini and Sophomore Taylor Van Vliet working hard in the writing [Read More]

Morningside People

Cross Country, Mumm, Graduates with Biology Major Cross Country, »

photo by Mike Byrnes by Jesseca Ormond- Michelle Mumm is a part of both the cross [...]

Meinen, the Professional Band Kid. Meinen, the »

  by Jesseca Ormond - Tara Meinen chose Morningside College to study [...]

Christina Vázquez is ODK’s Leader of the Year Christina Vázquez »

by Maggie Ganley – Omicron Delta Kappa, an upperclassmen honor society on campus, [...]


“Tasty” Brand Releases New Ice Cream Flavors

“Tasty” Brand Releases New Ice Cream Flavors

By Grace Nordquist--“Tasty” is a company most popular for its food videos and recipes. While they sell some products like cookbooks and cookware, they have not released any food products sold in stores…until now that is. "Tasty" just released four different ice cream flavors that can be found in select stores, such as Dollar General, [...]

Sun Tan City: ‘Free’ isn’t free

Sun Tan City: ‘Free’ isn’t free

By Grace Nordquist--From Sunday, March 31-Wednesday, April 3, Sun Tan City offered free spray tans to anyone who visited the website and claimed their offer. All you had to do was simply fill out your information, and either receive a text or an email. They claimed customers would be on their way “to achieving that perfect sun-kissed glow” [...]

Golden Bowl: The Average Chinese Experience

Golden Bowl: The Average Chinese Experience

By Grace Nordquist--Golden Bowl is a Chinese restaurant known for staples such as sweet and sour pork and sesame chicken. Its affordable pricing makes it a friendly option for college students, yet it’s a bit of a drive located at 1408 Hamilton Blvd in Sioux City. Mo and I visited the restaurant on a Saturday evening around six pm. The [...]