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The Legacy of Bob Ross

The Legacy of Bob Ross

By Tracie Tuttle--Happy trees, little clouds, no mistakes, Bob Ross has certainly made a lasting impression on American pop culture. From Funko Pop! figures and t-shirts to a Chia Pet in his likeness, the American painter has become a pop culture icon that many people know and love. Ross’ [...]

Setting Up an Art Show

Setting Up an Art Show

By Tracie Tuttle--Setting up an art show is more than just hanging art on a wall, it includes a lot of preparation, organization, and patience. The artist has to consider so many different things, like the visual dynamic of the gallery, lighting, and the use of wall space. Senior art students have [...]

Slam Poet Talks Feminism, Empowerment

By Lindsey Smith--It was a pretty silent room Thursday night as slam poet Gabriela Garcia Medina took the stage to talk about her activism as a feminist and her empowerment as a woman. This event was her first since Medina gave birth a month ago, yet her performance was smooth. She went [...]

“It’s Not All Black & White,” Portrait Photography

By Tracie Tuttle--A recent art display, titled “It’s Not All Black and White,” at the HJF Learning Center featured portrait photography by Rae Clinkenbeard and Makaelyn Glienke which forces viewers to look beyond what they see.   The show featured 28 contrasting photos that allowed [...]

“One Day At a Time” Runs Out of Days

By Iandra Estupinian--Netflix had made the decision to cancel their original, “One Day at a Time.” Since its release in 2017, the Cuban-American family sitcom has become a hit amongst the Latino community for its authentic representation of Latin American lives. “One Day at a Time” [...]

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