Lead Practice #1

SIOUX CITY, IA- A ban has been ordered on the hand-held radar guns by the East Dakota Highway patrol, citing evidence that three municipal officers developed cancer from the use of the handheld units.

The radar guns are mounted on the sides of patrol cars. The radiation waves emitted by the guns are said to cause the users to develop cancer. While this has yet to be proven, the reports are being taken under investigation in the hopes to “err on the side of caution until more is known about the issue.”

Adam Smith, Spokesperson for the East Dakota Highway patrol states that the ban will withdraw 70 radar guns from use in the hopes to protect officers from any further damage to the officers that are and that could be affected. 

News Comment #2

Sweetwater County Continues Effort to Become Home to Nuclear Plant

The article states Rocky Mountain Power and Terra Power have plans to house a Nuclear Power Plant somewhere within the state of Wyoming, location yet to be determined. The author goes into detail about the overwhelming support the project has received from local colleges, businesses, and politicians. With the current lull of the oil, gas, and coal industries the author states that this could be an exciting opportunity for the residents of Sweetwater County to rebuild its employment opportunities and allow the community to continue to grow.

While the author gives several positive endorsements from local businesses and prominent politicians, it gives no statements from the residents living within Sweetwater county. It allows no opportunities for a counterargument as to why this may not be an ideal opportunity for the community. Rock Springs is a budding community with many families and life long residents who should allowed the opportunity to speak out on this matter.

This article seems to be skewed towards one side of the issue. By presenting a counter opinion the author could have only stood to strengthen the facts provided within the article previously. Instead of providing several statements about how this would be good for the community, it presents no challenges that may arise nor does it explain the complications that come with the addition of a nuclear plant to a community full of people. It would have been enlightening to see some statistics about unemployment in the area to bring facts into an otherwise faceless article.

News Comment #1

Will the world formally recognize the Taliban?        

In an article from the New York Times, a journalist attempts to answer the question “Will the world now begin to recognize the Taliban?” An important notion that people around the world are beginning to question themselves. Throughout the past week, the Taliban has taken over Kabul and the United States military has withdrawn from Afghanistan after an invasion that had lasted nearly twenty years. There have been so many drastic developments in a war that had no end in sight only months ago. The article attempts to explain and help the average American understand what will happen next.

            Now that the Taliban have control of Afghanistan, what happens next? Will they be recognized? Will the Taliban have a seat in the U.N? The people of the world are concerned that Afghan will now be ruled in such a way that its people will have rights and will be treated humanely. In a quote by the secretary of state, Antony J. Blinken, “Every step we take will be based not on what a Taliban-led government says, but what it does to live up to its commitments,” The article makes it clear that all these questions will be answered based on the actions of the Taliban. 

            This article Is written by an author that takes a very neutral stance. Every statement is held up by facts or a statistic. It takes the questions asked and creates answers based solely on available evidence. It is structured in a way that makes sense and is easy for the average person to read and make sense of. This topic is very well covered in the news lately but if a person has not heard about the events unraveling in the Middle East, this article would be a quick and easy way to catch up on current events. I recommend this article to anyone who wants to know more.

NY Times