Caden Schulte and his tolerance of people

When a college professor asks a class of students to pick a word that describes them, Caden Schulte chooses Tolerant. 

Caden Schulte is from Sioux City Iowa and is currently a sophomore at Morningside University studying Mass Communication and Business Communication.

In November of 2021, Schulte was asked by Ross Fuglsang to pick one word that best describes himself. Schulte chose the word tolerant. When asked why Schulte stated simply “I’ll listen to a lot of bullshit before I say anything.” 

He likes to listen to people. He lets people talk, he will listen to a lot whether he agrees or not. 

When asked for a specific example he cited his neighbor who is “Very Anti-trump” and has no problem advertising it to whoever will listen. 

Caden acts with great composure in life even when faced with adverse and trying people and situations.