News Comment #14

Musical theatre legend Stephen Sondheim dies at 91.

This article details the recent death of Stephen Sondheim and the impact he made on musical theatre throughout his entire life. It praises his work and includes quotes and tweets from people mourning the loss of him and praising his existence. This article makes it clear the enormous impact this man’s life had on the theatre and then explains why he was a big deal. 

This article is not for someone who is looking for a quick read. This article dives very deep into the timeline of Sondheim’s life and nearly every musical he ever took part in producing. 

It begins by detailing a brief description of where he was and what he was doing before he passed away. He celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and then spent the day before at the theatre doing what he loved most. From that point forward the article dives into a timeline of Sondheim’s life from the first musical he composed for, “Saturday Night” 1955, to his last, “The Rhapsodic Passion” 1994. 

This article was written for lovers of the theatre and true fans of Sondheim’s work. I would recommend this to anyone willing to sit down and read a decently lengthy article. While it may not be big news for a lot of people, there is a select group that will find this news heartbreaking and unexpected.