Weather, Emotion, Student Life

Morningside Alumni James Spicer and Faith Laskie celebrate there engagement
Amber Westerberg downs a readbull as she puts in the hours for her Political Science class.
Nash Perisho does the stanky leg a top Dimmitt hill in the hopes that the snow would cancel class.

Human Interaction

Student at Bucks Grill catching a late night bite.

Morningside students deep in conversation at Bucks Grill.

Students lean in as tea is spilled at Bucks Grill.

Tyson King asks for a cheese curd from Natalie Hunt.

Tyson King celebrates as he’s finally convinced Natalie Hunt to give him a cheese curd.

Human Emotion, Architecture, Night

Volunteer at the Siouxland Food Drive smiles as she puts together food for those in need.
Dimmitt Hall keeping its residents warm amid the cold temperatures.
Morningside Universities outdoor performance center sits dormant waiting for warmer temperatures.

Sports, People, Animals

Nash Perisho cuts through the water at a Morningside Swim meet
Gabe Marthaler jumps for joy at team bonding.
Morningside Squirrel carries his nuts back to his nest.