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Gerald Stout looks back on life and how it shaped him. Gerald Stout was born in 1927 in Farson, Wyoming and by the 1930s the United States of America was thrust into the greatest economic crisis ever experienced. Stout may have only been three years old, but he recalled his life like it was yesterday. […]

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Musical theatre legend Stephen Sondheim dies at 91. This article details the recent death of Stephen Sondheim and the impact he made on musical theatre throughout his entire life. It praises his work and includes quotes and tweets from people mourning the loss of him and praising his existence. This article makes it clear the […]

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Gerald Stout looks back on early life in the Great Depression. The Great Depression is known by all as the greatest economic downturn in the history of the industrialized world. The effects were felt across the United States, and in a small town in Wyoming, just barely established was a little boy named Gerald Stout. […]

When a college professor asks a class of students to pick a word that describes them, Caden Schulte chooses Tolerant.  Caden Schulte is from Sioux City Iowa and is currently a sophomore at Morningside University studying Mass Communication and Business Communication. In November of 2021, Schulte was asked by Ross Fuglsang to pick one word […]

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Kyle Rittenhouse’s homicide trial for Kenosha shootings opens with jury selection. This article details the night of August 25th and the following trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. This article details the polarization this case has caused in the United States with the Black Lives Matter movement.  Rittenhouse is basing a case on the claim that he acted […]

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Astroworld Festival Timeline: How the tragedy unfolded This article details the events that unfolded on Friday, November 5, 2021, at Travis Scotts concert at the Astroworld Festival. This article is very informative for those who have not been following this story closely. The Travis Scott, Astroworld concert fiasco has been largely covered and highly debated […]

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A Potato the Size of a Small Dog Is Found in New Zealand This article is about a very large potato that was found in New Zealand. It was described as very large and very lumpy. It is said to weigh in at 17.4 pounds and seems like a mutant potato. This article was very […]

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FBI arrests “suitcase killer” Heather Mack at Chicago airport after returning from Bali. This story details the court case of Heather Mack, “Suitcase Killer”, who was indicted Wednesday at the Chicago airport for stuffing her socialite mother into a suitcase in an attempt to gain access to her trust fund. This story is well written […]

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