News Comment #11

A Potato the Size of a Small Dog Is Found in New Zealand

This article is about a very large potato that was found in New Zealand. It was described as very large and very lumpy. It is said to weigh in at 17.4 pounds and seems like a mutant potato.

This article was very well written. They wrote it like a story narrating the day that the mutant potato named Doug was found. It is very detailed and very humorous. It is very clearly not supposed to be a serious hard-hitting news article by any means. 

This is a fluff piece to make people laugh and I think it is done very well. It is fun and it is light. I think it did everything that it set out to do, get views and make someone smile.

The story ends by telling the audience where the potato is now. In Colin and Donna’s freezer to maintain Doug’s very large stature.

I would recommend this article to anyone who is looking for a short unimportant read. It was short, sweet, and to the point.

How many french fries can be made from doug the mutant potato?

How did doug the mutant potato get so big?

How long do Colin and Donna plan to keep doug the mutant potato?