This I Believe…

I believe people will do whatever to impress someone they like. When I say like, I thinking more towards ‘like to be in a relationship’.

I said this statement out loud to my roommates and the guy said, “I don’t think that’s true.” and the other roommate said, “I know some guys what won’t do anything if they like you.”

So, what they said was interesting to me because does a person really like you if they don’t try harder to impress you or are they too proud?

I believe if someone likes you they will try a little harder to impress you then they do for most people.

My evidence is I have a guy friend, Andy*, right now who is trying to impress one of my girlfriends, Gwen*. Andy and I have been friends for 2 years we hang out, drink, do dumb things, and whatever it is friends do. But within the two years of knowing him, I never knew he baked. Until this year, when he baked Gwen her favorite kind of cookie and banana bread! When he told me that he was making cookies, I asked him to make my favorite cookie, the peanut butter cookie with the Hershey kiss in the middle. In the end, he didn’t bake my favorite cookie but he did bake Gwen’s favorite cookie. He did make an excuse telling me that I asked for a ‘Christmas cookie’ meaning he wouldn’t break rules for me because I’m not someone he would like to date, I’m just a friend. While Gwen is someone he would like to eventually be in a relationship with so he’s trying more.

*names are changed.

Some other examples I have about people trying really hard to impress someone they want to be in a relationship with is from my own experience.

  • I told a guy my favorite Pokemon is Bulbasaur and how I’ve always wanted a stuffed animal. Next thing I knew, he ordered one online and gave it to me as a gift. We never got together.
  • Another guy always opened the car door and etc for me, brought me a new backpack when he saw my other one ripping, a new purse because the one I had was falling apart. All of these things were still in perfect working condition but it had to be fixed to him so he brought me all these new things. Things didn’t work out in the end.
  • At a music festival, I met a guy who had to play a show somewhere else. It was my last night at this festival. So, after his show, this guy drove back to the festival to hang out with me before I left. Nothing happened after that.
  • My current boyfriend, who at the time wasn’t anything but a stranger to me, drove down six hours just to see me again.

I read this quote online about relationships, but I’m not completely sure how it goes, just that the overall meaning of it is: don’t date someone who initially isn’t nervous around you because if they really like you they should be scared to mess things up with you.

It really stuck with me, even if I don’t remember the actual quote, the meaning  is stuck with me. So, in the end, I do believe that if you like someone or if someone likes you, they’ll or you’ll try harder to impress that person so that you are ‘worthy’ enough and the best candidate to be in a relationship with them.