Here’s What Other People are Thinking About

I miss my animal. ‘Animal’ is underlined because it could be any animal that someone misses, like a dog or a hedgehog. That’s what I think other people are thinking about. And I am a part of these people because in my case, I miss two cats, Noble and Zero. Writing this, I feel bad for the people that live on campus because they don’t get anything besides a fish. When people come to college they leave behind their pets. Not that they have a choice of leaving their pets behind, but they go from seeing them every day to not seeing them at all. It honestly really sucks and that’s just my opinionĀ and experience. I get to live with my cats again in a month.

I admit that I purposefully left my cats with their dad/my boyfriend in Minnesota. Moving into my new place, the silence was nice. Being away from them was nice, I don’t have to deal with Noble’s constant sad meowing when the door was closed, him clawing trying under the door to come into the room, and the furriness of his butt in my face when he tried to cuddle with me. I also don’t have to deal with Zero’s sassiness or force him to love me. Honestly, though, I miss them so much from their little pink toe beans, annoying meows, and brotherly fights. After moving out from them, I learned that I wasn’t dealing with it because I love it all. I don’t know what I was thinking, saying yes to leaving them in MN, 6 hours away from me. I miss them so much.

Honestly, it is nice not having to deal with their litter box but I miss seeing Noble’s tuffs of fluffy white hair all over the floor and Zero trying to get out of the house just to sit outside in the sun. Yet, these are the reasons I love my boys and when we are together it won’t be for just a weekend. It’ll be for forever.