Stupid Question

Diane: “What goes on a BLT?”

Brayton: “Bacon, lettuce, and tomato.”

D: “Then why do people put avocado on it? There is no A.”

Owen: “There’s no bread either! So, what?! BBLTB?”

D: “You only have one slice of bacon on your BLT?”


D: “Bread, bread, bacon, bread, bacon, bacon, bread, lettuce, tomato, bread?”

O: “It could be banana!”

This stupid question turned into a conversation. Asking what a BLT is honestly isn’t dumb. Someone who doesn’t know what it is could genuinely be wondering what it is or what those letters together may  mean. The conversation above was with the people I live with who know what a BLT is. Brayton gave me a weird look when she answered because I always share cooking videos on Facebook, so I bet she was wondering why I was even asking.

Another dumb question I asked was to Jordan. The question was: “Do you think ants can get high on Antacid?” He looked at me confused and immediately changed the conversation. I believe that he didn’t answer me because that is just Jordan’s personality and he doesn’t deal with the stupidity of his friends. So, he chooses to ignore it.

I did get some responses to the question if they think ants can get high on antacid. The person would simply laugh and shake their head slightly while saying no. I felt dumb asking these questions like people were actually wondering if I was that dumb. Yet, am I just that curious to wonder that out loud.

Sometimes I feel like dumb questions are just more curious questions than normal questions are because no one really wants to ask them and sound dumb. I don’t think anyone wants to ask something that just seems so obvious. That being said really dumb statements followed by dumb questions do exist.

“Great Britain, home of the Britains.”

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