Meet Tyler

Meet Tyler

Story/Article #4 – Profile


Tyler Martin Figge a senior at Morningside College and is potentially everyone’s best friend and worst nightmare. According to his roommate, Kyle Kinney, he’s always causing drama, but means well in the end. He will always there for you, always willing to put aside all of the drama that he may or may not cause and put his crazy partying lifestyle on hold just to help you.

Tyler is Morningside Activities Council Vice President, Beta Beta Beta President, Morningside Student Government Commuter Representative, and runs for the Morningside Track and Cross Country Team. He works at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino as a card dealer and has a love/hate relationship with it.

He says: “It is a very interesting job. Some days I like it, sometimes I don’t. Depends on the day and the costumers.”

When he isn’t working at the Hard Rock, he is going to Morningside for a biology/chemistry major with a minor in business and world history. In his free time all he likes to do is party, sleep, watch netflix, or paint.

Which his roommate, Kyle, can vouch for: “He will always be the life of the party and he definitely has to be the center of attention at that party. And if he’s not, he kinda just pouts there in the corner.”

Life of the party or not, he will always put aside his own feelings when it comes to helping out a friend in need. Tyler says for himself that he cares a lot for people and will do anything for just about anyone. He claims that he is also known to stick up for people and to say what is on his mind.

His best friend, Anna Hart, backs him up on that statement. Saying that the best way to describe Tyler is that: “He’s one of those people who’s always there when you need him.”

So, whether he’s working at the Hard Rock or doing research in the lab, you will always find Tyler putting a smile on someone’s face. He will always be causing mayhem and being the life of the party, while doing his own thing. Yet will always drop what he’s doing to bring someone’s spirits up. Best friend or worst nightmare, he always means well.

In the future Tyler’s plans on going to grad school for marine biology or zoology because he wants to work with penguins.


  1. Did you mean “everyone’s best friend and worst nightmare” or “everyone’s best friend or worst nightmare”? That just confused me a little bit.
    “Which his roommate” sounds almost like a fragment?
    Penguins, yes!!
    You got the idea across, maybe just reword a couple things? It’s a very positive article, which is nice. 🙂

  2. I thought it was a very fun article. You did a very good job of explaining how his personality is and backing it up with quotes from his friends. I agree with Dominique that you can fine tune a couple of sentences. I also think that you should move the last paragraph about his future plans up in the story and end with the paragraph about him always meaning well. I think this paragraph sums up your article better.

  3. I thought this was really good! I liked how you talked to his roommate and friends. I think that it shows more about him, that didn’t come directly from him. Nice job!

  4. I liked it! I think all you need to do is go through and fine tune some of the sentences because there are just some misplaced words and whatnot. I like the use of outside quotes to explain her personality! Good job!

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