Brothers on Court

Brothers on Court

Profile Story!~

The frame of the story is a column off to the side of the paper. The two people, Drew and Alex Paulsen, framed within the story, i feel, should be thought of highly or at least looked at for being likeable people for making it onto homecoming court.

As a reader, I thought that it was very nice that both boys made it onto homecoming court. Must be very nice boys and knowing that homecoming court is just a popularity contest, people must really like them. Then at the ending, the article said who had won, Spencer Eiseman and Allison Kjar, and then thought ‘Oh not as popular as I thought they are.’

That sounds kinda rude, but I still think that its pretty cool that they both ended up on court!

Visually, its their pictures at the top of the short article with their names underneath. The photos show us who they are and right under it is the story that explains the article title. It’s their picture, they are the subject, and then it goes into detail. Simply put~1383617_10203875207338217_3309340617334653215_n

Sensory Article

Choosing an ice cream bar, how could you not be excited?! You can hear the anticipation and the wrappers cringing while everyone is waiting to open their bars. Its loud when we can finally open the wrapper. The plastic squeaks against each other, but once the wrapper is open the feeling is satisfying.

Ice cream is always nice even if its not a hot summer day. Going back to a time when things were simple, when your only worry was getting the fun ice cream with nuts then the boring vanilla. Its exciting! The chocolate snapping, the warm ice cream inside. It’s melty, but not too much, but just so it melts away in your mouth. Eating the ice cream is like breathing air. That’s how fast it was gone.