Lane’s Adventures in Disney

News Article!

Well, that was the most heartfelt article that I’ve read in a long time. The article was about a mom who sews her daughter Disney princess costume with a budget. A budget as in, she goes to the goodwill and buys shower curtains, table cloths, etc. and upcycles them into different Disney costumes. She also talks about why she does it, to give her daughter a chance to dream, widen her imagination, and to break out of her shell.

The article is set up paragraph, picture of Lane in her costume, paragraph, picture, and goes on until the end. I think its nice because she’ll be talking about a certain costume and then the next picture is of the dress she was just talking about. It makes me want to keep reading the dresses are so amazing i can’t even believe that the Cinderella dress was a shower curtain and the little girl is so adorable!

Its an easy article to read and flows smoothly with a nice ending.

I follow her on instagram and reasons i want kids. <3