Meet Tyler Figge

Story/ Article #4 – Final

10479189_10153004224413975_4131987483384331350_nStanding at 5’11”, with dark purple hair, charming blue eyes, a deceiving smile, and a hella good smolder is Tyler Martin Figge. If there was one phrase used to describe Tyler Martin perfectly, it would be: a nightmare dressed like a daydream. He is either everyone’s best friend or worst nightmare. According to his roommate, Kyle Kinney, he’s always causing drama, but means well. He will always there for you. Always willing to put aside all of the drama and his crazy partying lifestyle on hold, just to help someone out.

Tyler is a senior at Morningside College and is heavily involved on campus. He serves as the sexy vice president of the Morningside Activities Council, Beta Beta Beta President, Morningside Student Government Commuter Representative, and runs for the Morningside Track and Cross Country Team. He is going to Morningside for a biology/chemistry major with a minor in business and world history. In the future, Tyler’s plans on going to grad school for marine biology or zoology because he wants to work with penguins. While in his free time all he likes to do is party, sleep, watch netflix, and paint.

“He will always be the life of the party and he definitely has to be the center of attention at that party. And if he’s not, he kinda just pouts there in the corner.” Kyle shares when it comes to Tyler at parties. He disagrees with him though, because if the attention isn’t on him he will make it all about him.

For example, at a Halloween party he had arrived late, due to work, and instead of walking in and joining the crowd. He made his presence known and immediately everyone fed off of his energy. Then when he was ready to roll out, he took a select few back to his house and continued the party there.

Life of the party or not, he will always put aside his own feelings when it comes to helping out a friend in need. Tyler says for himself that he cares a lot for people and will do anything for just about anyone. He has a very big heart and a vibe that is very welcoming and opening to everyone. He is known to stick up for people and to say what is on his mind. His battle or not, if someone is getting picked on he will not stand-by to watch it happen.

His best friend, Anna Hart, backs him up on that statement. Saying that the best way to describe Tyler is that: “He’s one of those people who’s always there when you need him.”

As nice as Tyler is, let’s not forget that’s he’s actually a nightmare dressed like a day dream. As nice as he can be, he can also be your worst nightmare. You never cross Tyler Figge and think you can get away with it. Simply because once you think you have, it comes to bite you back in the butt. He’ll make it seem like someone else did it or whatever happened as a pure accident on your part. It gets worse though, as scary as all that sounds the terrifying part of it all is that he’s really good at turning you against yourself.

If there’s anything you don’t want to do, it’s get on his bad side. Once you’re there, you will never leave. So, whether he’s doing research on penguins or plotting someone’s pain, you can always bet on Tyler to put a smile on someone’s face. He will always be causing mayhem and being the life of the party, while doing his own thing. Yet will always drop what he’s doing to bring someone’s spirits up. Best friend or worst nightmare, he always means well.

‘Cause, darling, he’s a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

So, This is Love

So, This is Love

There aren’t a lot of things in the world that make me genuinely happy. Not saying that i’m an unhappy person, because i am. Its just this picture though, will always make me smile.


I love this picture and everything about it. I love the people in it and I love the way I feel about it. I’ve never felt so happy looking at a picture in my entire life. Never did I think I’d see myself there with them. These boys are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Kyle’s smile brightens my day and I’d do anything to keep that smile on his face. If only he knew that he was so loved and that it doesn’t even matter if a girl doesn’t like him. He’s such a great dude and any girl would be lucky to have him be her dude. I love that kid and I would kill a bitch for him.

Spencer and his cheeky smile and the zero fucks he gives. Sure sometimes he pisses me off but I love him and how he helped me transition from high school to college. I’m a sophomore now and he has been there for me every step of the way. Helping me with boys and guiding me through the school life. There’s just so much to him that I don’t know but isn’t that the fun part of trying to get to know a person? We all have our problems and own lives but no matter what spencer is there and judges or not, the dude is there and is the best boyfriend ever.

Then there’s Tyler in the corner and it’s perfect. I could never find the right words to string together to explain how grateful I am for Tyler. When I’m at my worst he puts me back to the top, when I drink too much he takes care of me, when I got kicked out of my house he took me in. I’m literally so grateful for him I just don’t even know where’d I’d be without him or any of them.

We’re not perfect, but we have something here and I’m in love with it all.