The Shitty Part to Fame

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I’m not sure if this is much of a thing anymore, but when it first started it seemed like a big deal. Alex from Target, he was just a normal kid who some girls found attractive and now he is an internet sensation. He was normal and he still is, its just luck that all this happened to him.

Honestly, i thought it was really cool for all of this to blow up for him. What person doesn’t want to be famous for absolutely nothing? It was fun reading articles and watching him on Ellen, he seems pretty chill and doesn’t seem changed by it. The only really shitty part about it is, I forget. I forget about the part where celebrities don’t get their personal space and that they are honestly just people like you and me. The article reminded me of that.

The article started off with how Alex would start any other day and mentions how he had his phone turned off while he was at work during the time he was becoming famous. Then it talks about his thoughts on the whole situation and how his life has changed, listing the number of twitter changes and then how he was offered several different interviews.

Then it went into the shitty part of being famous, the haters. Their was a company that wanted to claim Alex saying that he and his family were working with them, but they had never even heard of the company. It was a mess that was solved, but although it was solved it talks about how much hate the poor guy gets. Getting more love then hate, it also shares how he puts up with it. Concluding with an ‘at the end of the day’ sort of thing, he’s just a kid and he is still just Alex. He will continue to work at Target, forget to take out the trash, and continue waking up at 7 to go to school.

I liked the way the article was set up. It had background at the beginning for those who did not know Alex or about Alex from Target. Then it goes into the details of his fame and what had some from it, both negative and positive. Then it wraps up with a down-to-earth sort of form. Staying true to Alex just because of his new-found fame doesn’t mean he has changed or should act any different.

Much good article.

Much wow.



  1. I did not really follow any of this. I saw the original story, and then something
    that said it was a marketing gimmick. I wasn’t surprised, but I guess that was
    the “hater” part. I would agree there is a shitty aspect to fame, but I think it’s
    that when you become famous, everybody seems to think they deserve a piece
    of that fame. Oh, and that loss of privacy stuff.

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