Change Your Point of View

“Go some place familiar at an unfamiliar time. See the place from a different perspective than the one you’re familiar with. What’s different about the place? What’s the same? Different people or the same ol’ crowd?”


Home is where the heart is.

Home is where you are safe.

Home is where you can always go without feeling judged.

Home is not with my family.

For this assignment, I went back to my old house. The house I moved into when I went into the seventh grade. After that I was forced to call this place home for the next seven years, until of recently. A story for another time, but I went there for this assignment and I didn’t miss it.

I went there right after class at a time that I would never go home when I lived there. So, it fit the requirements of the assignment. Going inside, everything was different. The house was quiet and had an aura of peacefulness. Something that never existed there before that moment, it made me think that maybe things were finally getting better. Once I remembered where I was though, the thought of a peaceful and serene home quickly faded.

No matter what, the picture or thought of this place and what it has done to me stays the same. It’s an evil place. It may look like a good place to be, but no matter what happens here I will be miserable. No one was there, so I knew I knew I would be okay. Not saying my life is at risk by any means, because it’s not. I would just rather not be there. So, going back there today, I learned that no matter what time of day the moment I step in there, I’m no longer happy.


  1. You went above and beyond what I would ask of a student, Diane.
    If something had happened I would blame myself. You might
    consider the saying, “Home is anywhere you hang your hat.” So
    you get to decide where home is. (Elvis Costello has a song, “Home
    is Anywhere you Hang your Head.” Good song.)

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